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In theory, the United States offers some of the best constitutional protections to criminal defendants in the world. In practice, when someone is arrested, those protections often seem very far away. In fact, it can be very difficult for an individual charged with a crime to actually receive the presumption of innocence. Even well-meaning zealous prosecutors and enthusiastic police officers might focus on building a case against a suspect who looks like a good fit, instead of solving the crime. This is especially true in a state like Arizona that prides itself on being tough-on-crime. The problem with a tough-on-crime position is that it often overlooks the very basic rights that criminal defendants are guaranteed under the Constitution. Faced with an intimidating criminal justice system, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for a defendant to assert his or her rights. Instead, confusing police procedures can frighten and intimidate defendants into making statements that seem incriminating when viewed out of context. Whether you are facing a minor offense or a major felony charge, and whether you are guilty or innocent of the crime charged, consulting with an attorney is your absolute right and one that should not be ignored. The screened, experienced criminal defense attorneys at ArizonaCriminalDefenseAttorney.com can help you navigate the complicated waters of the criminal justice system. By assessing the charges against you and negotiating on your behalf, they may help bring hope to a situation that seemed hopeless and minimize the punishment that you experience. Furthermore, they can do this in a way that does not otherwise jeopardize your opportunities should you choose to go to trial on your charges. The criminal justice system is a daunting place. Visit ArizonaCriminalDefenseAttorney.com to get an expert to help you through it.
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