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Attorney Richard Schwartz, founding partner of Richard Schwartz and Associates, takes a simple approach to personal injury law; he knows that you have been injured and wants to make it right. Making it right means more than ensuring that you have the money to pay for medical bills and repair or compensate for physical injuries that you receive as part of a personal injury. Making it right means that your award or settlement is sufficient to cover those things that frequently accompany physical injuries: lost time at work, pain and suffering, emotional damages, relationship stress, and financial struggles.

Making it right also means treating you with dignity and respect. Frequently, those who have been injured and seek compensation for those injuries are treated like they are trying to profit from an accident, as if they have not suffered real harms. Richard is a former prosecutor and understands that many things labeled accidents are anything but accidental. Speeders, people driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, tailgaters, and distracted drivers who cause collisions may not intend to harm people, but they do intend to engage in behaviors knowing that those behaviors have a high risk of harming others.

Richard is a proud Jackson resident. He graduated from Millsap’s College and received his J.D. from the University of Mississippi School of Law, and has been active in the community since his days in school. Richard’s personal injury work has even influenced his community involvement; he works with the Mississippi Brain Injury Association and Terry High School’s ‘Take 3 Seconds’ Seat Belt Campaign, in addition to working with numerous children’s charities.

To talk to Richard and see if he can help you with your car accident or other personal injury claim, contact him at 888-366-2401 or 601-500-7160 or visit his website at:

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