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The Law offices of Jessica J. Johnson handles a broad category of civil actions, such as personal injury, contract disputes, family law and more.

If injured in a motor vehicle accident or otherwise we will seek financial damages to cover your expenses plus compensate you for the pain you have endured and the inconvenience experienced from physical injury. However all pain and suffering is not caused from physical injury but from emotional trauma as well so if you have been put through a shocking and extreme experience that caused emotional distress we will seek financial damages for that as well.

In general we handle a wide range of legal matters. What sets this firm apart is that we understand how stressful legal matters can be and address each case with the utmost empathy and try to minimize the stress inherent in the situations that require resolution. While trying to gain a resolution as quickly as possible we still do not rush a settlement and will proceed to court if necessary to achieve the very best outcome for you who have come to us for help.

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310 Gallant Fox Way, Knoxville, TN 37923

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