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The MAS Law Firm, established in 2000, offers Dallas clients a range of legal services. The firm’s experience, dedication, and commitment to results makes the MAS Law Firm trusted by other attorneys to handle their cases. When clients require personalized attention, leadership, and dedication, the firm has the focus and the knowledge to provide skilled representation.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2013, in Texas alone, 359 people were killed in accidents involving commercial trucks. Accidents involving commercial trucks tend to be more serious than accidents involving passenger vehicles, due to the size of the vehicles involved. Because these accidents tend to be more severe, commercial truck companies are required to carry significant insurance. In many cases, trucks are insured up to $1 million. The truck industry is one of the largest industries in the nation. Unfortunately, many companies place earnings over public safety. Drivers may not be properly trained, properly rested, and may work hours longer than those allowed under regulation. Furthermore, some truck drivers are distracted by onboard radios. Individuals who have been injured in a truck accident often face more severe injuries, longer recovery periods, and a greater impact on quality of life. It can be more difficult to litigate against truck companies, operators, and insurance providers because, like most corporate organizations, they have teams of lawyers to protect their interests.

Since the MAS Law Firm has experience in a wide range of practice areas, the firm’s team is equipped to handle the most difficult of accident cases. In addition to handling a range of personal injury cases (auto accidents, truck accidents, workplace injury, wrongful death, and premises liability, among others), the MAS Law Firm handles cases in many areas of law. The firm offers skilled representation in business law, family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense. The MAS Law Firm prides itself on helping clients achieve the best possible outcome for each case. When personalized, cost-effective counsel is required, the MAS Law Firm offers a team of skilled lawyers to fight for each client’s rights in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more about how the MAS Law Firm can help, please call 1-866-789-1664 or 972-789-1664. The firm can also be e-mailed at
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212 W. Spring Valley Rd. Richardson, Texas 75081