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Few people go to an attorney because they are happy. On the contrary, attorneys are the ultimate problem solvers of modern society, and people seek out their services generally only because they feel they have encountered a problem so significant that they need professional help with it. The reluctance to consult with an attorney can create unnecessary delay that exacerbates the underlying legal issue and can create its own set of problems. However, the fact is that many people who are unfamiliar with attorneys and with the law do delay because of the myths they believe about attorneys. They have heard that quality legal representation is unduly expensive. They have heard that attorneys are not nice people. They have heard that they will not get personal attention if they hire an attorney. Cape Coral area attorney Michael Raheb wants people to understand that, like many other attorneys, the reason that he entered the profession was to help people. As a legal professional, he takes problems that lay people may find overwhelming and finds solutions to them.

Michael focuses on four main areas of the law: criminal, family, immigration, and personal injury. He chose those four areas for two reasons. First, they are the areas of the law that impact most people and where financial vulnerability can leave people with inadequate representation. Second, there is significant overlap between those areas of the law, and representation in just one area might leave a client vulnerable. For example, domestic violence charges have criminal repercussions, but can also impact family court decisions. Likewise, criminal charges can have a significant impact on immigration status.

If you are facing a legal challenge, contact Michael to find out how he can help you. You can reach an attorney 24/7 at 866-949-0888 or visit him online at:
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1222 47th Street Suite W3 Cape Coral, FL 33904