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My name is Miguel Cossio. I grew up in Georgia and am honored to represent Georgia injury victims and families.

I have dedicated my professional life to advocating for injury victims and representing families who have lost a loved one.

The types of personal injury and wrongful death cases include the following:
- Auto-Accidents;
- Trucking Cases;
- Pedestrian Victims (struck by vehicles);
- Medical Malpractice;
- “Slip & Fall”;
- Negligent Security / Shooting Cases; and
- Defective Product (defective automobiles / bad-drugs / etc…)

I fight for the best outcomes possible for my clients. I have successfully collected millions for injury victims and families in wrongful death claims.

What sets me apart from other lawyers?

I aggressively advocate for my clients. However, my practice is built on a philosophy of individualized attention. This means I devote my personal time and efforts to each and every client. If I accept your case, then you will have my personal attention during the course of your representation.

Trust is earned. My clients know they can call my office and speak to me personally. If I am ever unavailable, my clients know I will return their phone calls as soon as possible. I see clients as a privilege, not a burden. Lawyers should NEVER ignore their clients. When I am hired, I do everything I can do make sure my clients are getting the personal attention necessary to properly handle each and every case.

I have a fiduciary duty to my clients; which means I have to place the interests of my clients as my first priority. I take my obligation and my oath very seriously.

I regularly help my clients find medical treatment. I have a social worker on retainer to help my clients access appropriate medical treatment. This is advantageous to the case because it allows a complete record of the injury; but is essential to the well-being and recovery of our clients. We do not charge an additional fee for this service. We do this for our clients as part of our practice philosophy towards individualized attention.

I have brought lawsuits and injury claims all over the state of Georgia. I have litigated cases in State and Federal Courts. I continue to successfully litigate against the largest companies and insurance companies in the world. I am not afraid to stand up and fight for my clients.

Everyday I gather strength and inspiration from my clients. I recognize my clients are trying to put the pieces of their life back together. I am inspired. They fight the odds.

I have collected millions for my clients. If you have sustained serious injury or lost a loved one, I will be happy to give your case the personal review you deserve.

Let me earn your Trust.

Justitia cunctator est justicia negativum (Justice delayed is justice denied)

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530 Stephenson Avenue #200 Savannah, GA 31405