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Louisiana is known for its many unique characteristics, but some people do not realize that Louisiana law is actually distinct, in many ways, from law in other parts of the country. Rather than deriving from the English common law legal system that defines much of the country or the Spanish system that is popular throughout the Southwest, Louisiana law was heavily influenced by French law. In many ways, these differences have disappeared as laws and rules have become more uniform throughout the country. However, there are still some quirks that make Louisiana law a little different from the law in neighboring states. Therefore, perhaps more than in any other state, it is important for plaintiffs in Louisiana to have local experts working on their cases.

Personal injury attorney Morris Bart has cultivated a practice in Louisiana that understands the distinctions in Louisiana law and works with those rules to achieve the best outcomes for his clients. Morris Bart and Associates has several attorneys who are specialists in local personal injury law working in their Baton Rouge office to help people who have been injured because of another person’s negligence. This local expertise has been recognized; for the past five years, Gambit Weekly readers have named Morris Bart Louisiana the Best Civil Attorney. Of course, the firm’s recognition as industry leaders is not just local. Law and Politics Magazine named Morris Bart a Super Lawyer in General Personal Injury for Plaintiffs in 2007, 2008, and 2010, and there has not been a year since 2007 that at least one lawyer from the firm was not on that list.

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