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When people think about needing an attorney, a Hollywood image often comes to mind. They think of high-priced attorneys who engage in ethically questionable behavior in order to “win” at all costs, which often results in the client losing. Attorney Thomas Bumgardner realizes that everyday people with everyday legal concerns want an attorney who understands them and who will work to solve their legal problems in a way that is respectful of their families, their lives, and their budgets. Quality legal representation is not about spending the most money; it is about helping clients tell their stories and get justice. Thomas believes that legal decisions in different areas of law can have an impact across a client’s entire life. A resident of Ballantyne, Thomas understands how the individual impacts the family and the family impacts the community, and his goal is to help you with whatever your legal troubles may be, so that you can get back to your life.

Thomas focuses on three specific areas of law: family law, traffic law, and personal injury law. These are the areas of law most likely to impact people and their families, and Thomas has developed the expertise to win these cases, and also has the empathy and compassion necessary to counsel clients and help them make the best decisions for their families. While not afraid to zealously fight for his client’s rights, Thomas is equally committed to reminding a client why they are fighting, which can save not only money, but also relationships, when looking at family law disputes.

Personally committed to helping each of his clients, Thomas understands that when you hire an attorney, that attorney’s most important case is your case. He devotes his personal time and attention to each of his clients, and is happy to offer free consultations. Contact him at 704-887-4981 or visit him online at to schedule your consultation.
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13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place Suite 500 Charlotte, NC 28277