A 19-year-old was killed in a truck accident earlier in June, leaving many family members and friends heartbroken and shocked. Reilly Shea Simmons was the victim of the incident and she had just completed her freshman year at Furman University, according to the Citizen Times. The 19-year-old had previously attended Roberson High School and graduated from the school in 2017.
According to North Carolina State Highway Patrol Master Trooper Rico Stephens, there were many things still to be learned about the accident, however, he was able to confirm that the incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. on private property off Twin Drive in Weaverville. Simmons was apparently trying to unhook a utility trailer from a truck but the truck began to move backward and pinned the woman between the vehicle and the trailer.
The individual behind the wheel of the truck has yet to be identified. Simmons was later transported to a local hospital but died from her injuries. Stephens said he was unaware if anyone else sustained injuries or if anyone else was present on the property at the time of the incident. However, Stephens believes “it was one of those deals where it was a complete accident,” based on the information he received.”
After the unfortunate accident, the Buncombe County Schools made sure a crisis team was in place at Roberson to help both students and faculty cope with the tragic news. The President of Furman University, Elizabeth Davis, took to social media saying, “The entire Furman community is deeply affected at times like this, and we will always remember Reilly and all she brought to our community. May all who knew her find peace and comfort during this difficult time.”

NC Officer Collides into Broken Down Truck that was Being Towed Illegally

Another tragic truck accident transpired in North Carolina that was responsible for taking the life of a Rocky Mount police officer. According to WRAL, officer Christopher Driver was responding to a call around 10: 30 p.m. involving a broken-down bucket truck on 4112 South Church Street. The truck was in the process of being towed but was then left in the street after its brakes stopped working and could no longer be pulled. The source highlighted that the truck may have belonged to Hall’s Tree Service, although the tree service company was no longer in business.
Apparently, Derrick Sheffield, 46, and Timmy Dixon, 38, were towing the truck before it broke down, although they allegedly were doing it illegally “under the cover of the night.” The source went on to state that the men left the vehicle unattended while they went to get help and that is when Driver crashed into the back of it. Police said that by the time he caught sight of the truck, it was too late. Although some reports note that the lights on the bucket truck were so dim as it was worn down, a neighbor who asked to be left unanimous, told police the truck did have its emergency blinkers on. Despite what caused Driver to slam into the back of the bucket truck, the two men who were responsible for moving the vehicle out of the roadway are now facing charges for the accident. Sheffield was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and leaving a vehicle unattended and Dixon was also charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. both men were released from jail on bond but are expected to be back in court in the near future.
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The news source indicated that when Driver’s body was transported to a funeral home, at least 30 law enforcement officers were present showing their support for the fallen officer.
It seems as though tragedy continues to strike each and every day on North Carolina roadways. Some of these unfortunate incidents occur because of someone else’s careless behavior while others are sheer accidents. But if you or someone you know has been involved in an accident in NC that resulted from another person’s negligent behavior, it would be in your best interest to speak with an Asheville, NC truck accident lawyer regarding your rights and how you can go about exercising them.
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