On January 24 of 2018, Larry Nasser, a doctor who treated Olympic athletes, was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for having been caught molesting hundreds of athletes over the years. He may have received his life sentencing 2 years ago but the gymnasts are not satisfied. In fact, a final settlement offer of $215 million dollars was just offered to them and the gymnasts were deeply offended by the offer.

Simone Biles, a gold medal winner of the Olympics tweeted that she still demanded answers from the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and that she wanted a private investigation done into the matter. The concern all the gymnasts have is why was this abuse allowed to continue for so long and why nobody stopped Larry Nasser. Clearly, there is no way he could have escaped his abuse for so long completely undetected.

Other athletes also tweeted stating that the settlement was part of a cover-up and there were authority figures who should be questioned who were escaping penalization for their lack of responsibility towards the safety of the athletes. However, this is just the opinion of a few athletes. Since hundreds of them were molested they will be required to vote as a group whether they should accept the settlement or continue in seeking litigation against Larry Nasser, and now also USA Gymnastics. There was a total of 517 gymnasts involved in the original lawsuit.

In January several of the board members stepped down from there position and it most probably had to do with the litigation of the Larry Nasser case.

Why are the gymnasts refusing to accept the settlement?

The legal paperwork mentions that if the survivors accept this settlement, the leaders of USA Gymnastics and the heads of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee will not be liable for any further lawsuits regarding the Larry Nasser case. In other words, the settlement is a peace offering so that no more questions are asked, and no further investigations are conducted into the case to see who, other than Larry Nasser, allowed such horrible abuse to continue onwards for so long.

Gymnasts are thoroughly disappointed because the plan of rectification by USA Gymnastics seemed a lot less thorough then they had requested. The higher-ups did say they would now appoint a new individual to oversee athlete wellness who would educate athletes on their rights and what sort of behavior they should not tolerate from other individuals. However, the plan did not include many of the original items the gymnasts requested that would help ensure their safety.

Once the athletes vote, it will be decided whether the case should finally conclude or if further investigation should be launched into USA gymnastics to uncover the mystery of who was responsible for allowing this abuse to continue and how they can be held accountable for their lack of regulation over the safety of their gymnasts.

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