Summer is quickly approaching and many college students are preparing for the end of the semester. Homecoming, graduation, and vacations are all in store for many students which means there is going to be a lot more celebrating going on. Unfortunately for some, taking part in these festivities results in them becoming negligent and careless which in return can lead to some serious consequences.
If you lost someone to a drunk driving accident, consider contacting a local drunk driving crash lawyer in SC who can aid you in the process of obtaining the justice you and your family deserves.
One 22-year old is now facing the repercussions for driving while under the influence and bringing upon the death of his friend. Jack Minesiotis, 22, was driving drunk with 21-year old Austin Mcloud down William Hilton Pkwy near Matthew Drive when Minesiotis struck a curb which caused his vehicle to flip. Sadly, Mcloud wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and was ejected from the car.
Aaron Brooks Davis, who is a friend to the occupants of the flipped vehicle was riding just minutes behind when he noticed smoke. He approached the scene where he saw the vehicle. While Mcloud was airlifted to Memorial Hospital in Savannah, he passed away from the severity of the injuries he sustained according to 7 News.
Have you become the victim to a drunk driving accident? Are your injuries expected to partially heal leaving you struggling with a life-long condition? Did you lose a friend or family member and are now in search of a reliable and aggressive drunk driving accident lawyer in the state of South Carolina? If so, is willing to help you free of charge find reputable drunk driving accident lawyers in your city and get you connected with them quickly.

What is the Penalty for Causing a Drunk Driving Accident in South Carolina?

Because drunk driving is frowned upon so heavily in all states including South Carolina, the penalties the courts often impose are severe in hopes that the offender doesn’t take part in the behavior that led to the charges in the first place.
Based on this particular case, because Minesiotis caused the accident and was reckless in behavior, he is facing felony drunken driving charges along with open container charges. And the fact that he already had a traffic record prior to the accident isn’t going to help his case either. Apparently Minesiotis has four speeding and reckless driving violations, the last being received just four days before this fatal drunk driving accident occurred in Bluffton. It can be expected that the judge overseeing the case isn’t going to be lenient on Minesiotis especially because his lack of consideration for others wasn’t there and he continued behaving carelessly.

I am a drunk driving accident victim, what should my next step be?

Aside from receiving the necessary treatments you need that are going to mend you and give you back your strength and health, you also want to consider taking on legal counsel. knows some of the best South Carolina drunk driving accident attorneys in the field who can help you collect the compensation you deserve that might be able to ease your financial situation brought on by the collision. Drunk driving crashes are known to be rather serious which is why you are encouraged to take on a legal representative who can get you what you deserve.

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