It was mid-April when a garbage truck carrying three Charleston Refuse Department workers rolled over on the I-64/I-77 split in the southbound lanes, according to WSAZ. The accident, only involving the garbage truck, happened just before noon and resulted in all three workers being thrown from the vehicle. Beejay Taylor, 44, and Christopher Harrison, 24, survived but suffered critical injuries and were transported to an area hospital. The source stated that while Harrison was treated and released, Taylor’s condition was serious but that he was expected to recover over time.
Unfortunately, 22-year-old Jesse Goff died in the crash.
WSAZ interviewed the Charleston Public Works Director who said the accident left the crew shook up and his friends and families in shock. After the truck accident occurred, the Director had to notify Goff’s father, who also happened to work for him also, which wasn’t easy to do. Goff also left behind a girlfriend whom he had been dating for the past six years. He was considered to be a hard worker and had already earned his CDL license. Goff aspired to be a firefighter, but sadly, never reached this goal as life was cut short.
The “ambitious” and “bright” 22-year-old was laid to rest at the Koontz Funeral Home in Hamlin.

Tractor-Trailer Driver Dies After Small Passenger Vehicle Pulls in Front of Him on Route 50 in WV

In other news, another rollover accident occurred back at the beginning of May that left a tractor-trailer truck driver dead. The News Center reported that Wayne Prichard, 40, of Boone County had been heading east on Route 50 near the Sunnyside exit when a small vehicle pulled onto the highway and in front of his truck. Prichard’s truck that was carrying construction equipment struck the vehicle and rolled over on Route 50.
As a result of this unfortunate accident, the passenger who had been riding in the truck at the time of the collision had to be flown to Ruby Hospital in Morgantown was said to be in critical condition. While the driver of the vehicle did not sustain any injuries, Prichard was pronounced dead at the scene.
What to do when you lose a loved one in a work-related accident in West Virginia?
Did you recently lose someone in a truck accident that occurred while they were on the clock? If so, you may be able to file a claim on behalf of the decedent to help cover burial costs, medical expenses, etc. that have arisen as a result of the accident.
When a loved one of yours is killed in a work-related accident, you might consider filing a lawsuit against the party who has been deemed as responsible for causing it. While worker’s compensation benefits are available to most injured workers and/or their surviving family, if that person was the sole financial provider for the household and is no longer available to provide, it makes life that much more difficult for their who depended on them.
As mentioned, one of your options would be to file a wrongful death lawsuit in WV. You can contact a West Virginia truck accident attorney to learn more about what the lawsuit process entails and to confirm that you have a legitimate case on your hands. It is never easy to get over the loss of a loved one and although filing suit won’t bring them back, it may give you and your family some sort of closure and financial assistance you need right now to cover the expenses that have arisen after he/she has passed.
To get connected with a truck crash lawyer in the state of West Virginia, contact now and we will gladly assist you with locating a professional.

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