A 29-year-old was killed in a horrific accident Monday night near Hermleigh, TX, according to KCBD. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that Pete Castro of Snyder was heading east in his 2014 Ford SUV on County Road 4126 when he attempted to cross U.S. 84 and his vehicle was struck by a Toyota SUV that had been traveling north. The impact of the crash sent the Toyota colliding into an Allsup’s fuel station. Castro’s Ford then spun around and was struck again by a semi-truck heading northbound that had been pulling a trailer. Sadly, Castro was pronounced dead at the scene and the source noted that accident was still under investigation.
No further details have been released on the others who were involved in the crash or if they sustained any injuries.
Earlier in the month of May, a constable in Lubbock, Carelton Peterson, was arrested and charged with a class B misdemeanor DWI charge after causing an accident in the 5400 block of 50thStreet while driving his pickup truck [Source: Lubbock Online]. A witness report indicated that the white pickup truck went “flying” westbound on 50thStreet and that is when they heard a loud noise. The truck apparently hit a curb and then proceeded on to drive through a parking lot where he crashed into two parked vehicles.
When police arrived at the scene, they attempted to start a field sobriety test but Peterson was “unable to complete it because his knees were hurting.” At this time, the officer who attempted to conduct the test reported that Peterson’s breath had a strong odor of alcohol, he was swaying, and when he leaned forward at one point, he almost fell. Peterson did admit to the officer that he had five beers within a six-hour timespan.
Peterson was then booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center. His initial charge carried a punishment of up to six months in jail, but after prosecutors received results from a blood sample that was taken from Peterson by a warrant, they decided to upgrade his charges to a class A misdemeanor. That charge carries a punishment of up to a year behind bars. His blood alcohol level was higher than .15 which is what prompted prosecutors to upgrade his charges.

Peterson May Be Removed from His Constable Post

The news source indicated that Peterson successfully ran in2 016 for the constable post for precinct four under the Republican Party, but the committee recently voted and authorized that proceedings be initiated to remove him from his position. Aside from this recent arrest, Peterson was arrested earlier in the month of May on charges of DUI and remained in his position after those charges were filed despite requests being made that he resign.
Now, it looks as though he may be forced out of his position for the recent DUI truck collision he caused.
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