If you were injured while working in South Carolina, you may be entitled to compensation for medical care, lost wages and disability benefits. However, your statements and actions immediately after the injury can have a profound impact on your ability to recover fair compensation. For example, if you do not report the injury to your employer within 90 days of the accident, your workers’ compensation claim will probably be denied. You also might run into problems if you do not visit a doctor immediately.
The best way to avoid these and other mistakes when filing for workers’ compensation is to hire an experienced personal-injury lawyer. Attorney Carole Hayes has been a successful litigator for many years. She will answer your questions about workers’ compensation and help you file for benefits. Call 864-233-3100 to schedule a free consultation with an attorneys from Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys, LLC in Greenville.
Read on to learn three steps you should take immediately after an injury at work:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment

One of the most common mistakes we see is a worker putting off the medical evaluation because the symptoms are not that severe. If your condition worsens and you failed to seek medical treatment, it may be challenging for you to recover fair compensation. The insurance company might argue that your injury is not work-related or that your failure to seek medical treatment caused the injury to worsen and, therefore, you do not deserve a full payout. You can avoid these issues by visiting your doctor immediately after you notice the injury.

  1. Report the Injury to Your Employer

In most cases, injured workers must report their injuries to their employers within 90 days of discovering the injury, or when the injury should have been reasonably discovered. According to the Workers’ Compensation Commission, if you do not notify your employer within 90 days, you may lose your right to file for worker’s compensation.

  1. Submit the Necessary Documentation to the Insurance Carrier

Your employer should give you the necessary forms to fill out and submit to the insurance carrier. However, some employers refuse to cooperate or they try to fight workers’ compensation claims. If this happens, you should contact a personal-injury lawyer to discuss your case as soon as possible. You do not need your employer’s approval to bring the workers’ compensation case, and attorney Carole Hayes can guide you through the process.
Carole Hayes understands the tactics that insurance companies use to undervalue and deny claims, and she will use that knowledge to protect your rights.  Call 864-233-3100 to schedule a free consultation with an injury attorney in Greenville or visit www.greenvillehayeslawoffices.com for more information.

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