3 things that workers in Longview should know about wage theft

Longview, TX – One of the most common problems that workers in Texas and other states will experience is not being paid properly. Unfortunately, wage theft costs American workers millions each year, and much of this lost money goes undiscovered and unreported. To avoid this problem, workers should regularly check their pay statements, keep their own basic records of their time worked, and retain legal help if necessary.  

There are attorneys who dedicate their time to helping workers recover their unpaid wages and any other related issues. People who are concerned about their pay can get in touch with these legal professionals for more specific advice.  

Employers are always responsible for paying the full amount required by law

Whether an employer has made an honest mistake or not, they will be required to pay the employee the full amount owed regardless of their reasons for not paying them properly. In some cases, a technical or payroll error may result in improper payment, and the employer will correct the issue once they are notified. However, there may be disputes that require the worker to notify the Texas Workforce Commission and formally file an unpaid wage claim under the Texas Payday Law. This must be done within six months of when the wages were initially due to be paid. 

Taking an employee’s tips is wage theft

Some workers who serve customers regularly receive most of their compensation through tips. The employer cannot keep, withhold, or take a percentage of these tips. They also cannot make deductions from the worker’s pay based on the number of tips they receive. An employer who is sued for this reason will have to pay back all of the stolen tips, plus other damages such as interest on late wages. 

Not following overtime law is considered wage theft

All hourly employees should be paid at least one and one half times their regular rate for more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period. This is the basic law of overtime pay. It is common for an employer to either misunderstand overtime laws, or to purposely misclassify workers to avoid paying out overtime wages. The only exceptions to overtime law are workers who are salaried, independent contractors, or certain other owners and administrators. It is helpful for a worker to get an opinion from outside of their company regarding their eligibility for overtime.  

Additional information about employment law and wage theft

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment firm that works with local clients in Longview and other cities in Texas. They can provide more advice about how wage theft should be handled and whether a lawsuit is necessary. 

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