34-year old Crystal Fuentes had better hope she can find an aggressive and knowledgeable DUI attorney in San Bernardino after she has been charged with a felony DUI. According to ABC 7 News, Fuentes was driving in her truck when she sped through a crosswalk where a family was passing through. It took her to crash into another vehicle before she came to a complete stop and was later arrested for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, her actions have led to the death of a 3-year old boy.
Many drivers who operate their vehicle intoxicated wind up causing a drunk driving accident. It is better to be safe than sorry and avoid engaging in the behavior altogether.
Michael Flores, Jr., 3, was hit by Fuentes’ truck as he and his family crossed through the crosswalk on the 1000 block of Baseline Street around 6:00 p.m. The news source says the bumper hit him in the head and the impact caused him to fly about 10 to 15 feet. Linda Daniels and Tommy Bernside witnessed the incident as they had stopped for the family to cross.
The family now mourns over the death of their toddler as they visited the memorial where candles, messages, and stuffed animals were left. A GoFundMe account has been created for the family to help pay for the 3-year old’s funeral. City officials are evaluating the area to determine whether there is a safety issue and whether a stoplight might be necessary to help reduce drivers from speeding through the crosswalk area.

DUI and Death: What are the Penalties?

DUI penalties in San Bernardino, CA are already harsh as lawmakers are looking to reduce drivers from operating their vehicles drunk or on drugs. All it takes is one mistake and it could cost your life or someone else’s. In the case mentioned above, a child was the victim of a reckless drunk driver and the family is now forced to cope with the loss of their son. It can be expected that Fuentes is going to be convicted for the crime and will indefinitely face all the penalties that follow.
It is likely that Fuentes will be charged with vehicular manslaughter and could potentially face up to five years in prison. Her prison sentence will depend on the type of San Bernardino, CA DUI defense lawyer she hires as well as the number of past DUI convictions she has. She can also expect to pay fines and fees, serve a possible probation sentence when she gets out, and will have a DUI on her record for a significant period of her life.
Whether you have one drink or several and decide to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are placing everyone’s life at risk, including yours. Everyone handles alcohol differently and it can affect perception and ability, even if it is one drink. Because DUI charges can have an adverse effect on you for the rest of your life as well as those affected from it, it is always advisable to never drive drunk or drugged.

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