The Georgia Department of Public Safetyrecently announced that it fired 30 Georgia troopers after learning that all the officers had cheated on an online exam while attending their training academy [Source: CBS 46]. The 30 troopers, who recently graduated together in August, admitted that they had cheated on an exam that tested their knowledge on speed detection. While some admitted that they looked up answers online, others said they shared answers with one another.


One trooper, who was a cadet at the time, even admitted to having a civilian outside of the agency take the take for him.


Aside from losing a substantial number of officers, the State of Georgia also lost a significant amount of money as it is estimated that almost $2 million was spent on training the troopers. According to CBS 46, it cost the State $1,837,383 for 33 cadets to attend and graduate from the 106thtrooper school. The cost includes “salaries, fringes, ammo and fuel for trooper school, room and meals at Georgia Public Safety Training Center, annual recurring Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/software costs, and all supplies issued to them from cadet uniforms, training uniforms, and trooper uniforms.”


The news source also highlighted that the amount does not include the cost of patrol vehicles, portable radios, or laptops.


The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council has launched an investigation into the matter and will decide if any other action needs to be taken against the individuals such as revoking their peace officer certification. As a result of the incident, Commissioner Mark W. McDonough, who is the Chief Executive of the Department of Public Safety, has requested that the POST Council conduct an audit of the GPS training program to determine what changes, if any, need to be made going forward. McDonough also announced that he plans to do away with the online form of the exam the troopers cheated on and have cadets take the test the traditional way—in a classroom setting with an instructor proctoring it.


GPS is encouraging anyone who was issued a speeding ticket from one of the officers who was fired to contact the court number that is listed on their ticket to find out how the court intends on proceeding with it.


What to do when a GA police officer provides a false statement that leads to you being harmed or falsely arrested?


A police officer holds a great deal of authority over their community. It is often their word against a citizen or suspect, and in most cases, it is their word that is accepted to be true. But, as you can see from the incident described above, not all police officers are as honest as they should be. While some use their badge to make false arrests, others inflict harm upon the suspects they come in contact with for the mere fact that they know they aren’t going to be reprimanded.

But there is a way to combat the issue. If a GA police officer or state trooper abused their authority to harm or charge you with a crime, you can hire a GA police brutality lawyer to defend your rights. works with the best police brutality attorneys in Georgia and can get you connected with one now.

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