36-Year-Old Man Threatens to Kill Brother Over an Inheritance Left by Their Grandparents

Ross Emmick, 36, of Mesa, AZ was arrested on August 14th after he allegedly plotted to kill his brother and turn his family into “sex slaves,” according to AZ Family. The source says Emmick grew rather upset after learning that his brother had inherited money from their grandparents, none of which was left to Emmick. Because the 36-year-old believed that his brother should not have received the money, he began sending his brother disconcerting messages.

Emmick’s brother later filed for a restraining order against him and it was eventually granted.

Sometime after the restraining order was issued, Emmick’s girlfriend had contacted police “warning them that Emmick was planning to do something to his brother” and she also expressed that she was “scared.” She told police that Emmick was “a lot smarter than you think” and that is was “100% positive that he can do whatever he is going to do numerous times.” Emmick’s girlfriend also shared with police that her boyfriend had told her that he would “wreak havoc on his brother’s life until he paid back the money and dropped the restraining order against him.”

On July 2nd, police met with Emmick and told him to follow the restraining order and “let it go” as “money is not that important.” Despite what police said, Emmick continued to send threatening messages to his brother. The source says Emmick not only told his brother that he would be killed but that his children “would become victims of rape and torture.” Emmick was taken into police custody this week and is being held on a $350,000 bail.


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