4 benefits of hiring an intellectual property lawyer

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding intellectual property laws and many people end up losing a lot of money because they don’t understand exactly what their rights are. Broadly speaking, intellectual property laws refer to the security and enforcement of legal rights to any designs, inventions, and artwork. If you’re a creator, such as an inventor, writer, designer, musician, or business owner you should reach out to experienced intellectual property lawyers to see about protecting your rights to your work. 

Intellectual property lawyers can help you deal with:

Trademark – This refers to your brand name, the name under which you’ll be selling your products or services. It can be a word or phrase, a logo, or a symbol that people come to associate with a certain product.

Patent – You need to apply for a patent (with the US Patent and Trademarks Office) when you come up with a new idea for a machine, article of manufacture, process, or composition of matter. There are three types of patents – utility, design, and plant patents

Copyright – If you’re a writer, musician, playwright, or software code creator your intellectual property rights are protected under copyright laws. You can register a copyright with the US Copyright Office

How can an intellectual property lawyer help you?

If you’re an inventor, a businessman, or a writer, chances are you don’t know much about legal stuff or about filing a patent application. Without legal assistance, your application may be denied, not because your invention isn’t worth it. Most people see their trademark or patent applications rejected on technical issues. Here’s what a good intellectual property lawyer can do for you:

Help you with the required research

Registering a trademark is not as easy as you may think. Before you file your application there’s a lot of research involved. Your lawyers will conduct extensive research to ensure that whatever you’re trying to register doesn’t already exist in your industry. If the name of the company is too similar to an existing one, your application will be denied. The same goes for logos. 

Deal with applications on your behalf

There’s a lot of paperwork involved and it is best to leave it to a professional. Registering a trademark is a lengthy process – it may take up to seven months. You don’t want to be dealing with legal matters when you could be focusing on your business. 

Deal with infringement issues

When someone is infringing on your property rights you will have to turn to a skilled lawyer for help. There are various ways you can stop a person or entity from infringing upon your rights and they don’t all involve filing a lawsuit. 

Draft important agreements and contracts

If your idea or product is of any value it must be protected. You should always seek counsel from knowledgeable lawyers when dealing with:

  • Deeds of assignment or transfer of ownership
  • Licensing agreements
  • Secret clauses for precautionary measures (typically needed when you present an invention or product to potential investors or manufacturers)

Keener and Associates, P.C., is an intellectual property law firm handling all intellectual property matters – patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Reach out to them and they will offer you a personalized solution for your business.

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