4 crucial questions to prepare for a disability interview in Texas

El Paso, TX – When you apply for Social Security disability benefits in Texas, you will have to fill in the appropriate form and submit medical records to prove that your health issues do not allow you to work anymore. That’s a lot of paperwork and it’s not all. The Social Security Administration will also schedule an interview, in person or over the phone if your health situation requires it. This is not a formality. The success of your application depends on the information you provide during the interview and how you present yourself. If you’re going to the local SSA office, make sure to dress modestly and speak truthfully. Also, it would be a great idea to contact a skilled EL Paso disability claim lawyer to go over the questions they’re most likely to ask you. 

When did you become disabled?

The SSA will want to determine the date you became disabled. Although it looks like a simple question, the answer can be complicated especially if you have a degenerative disease. For instance, you can apply for disability if you have certain heart conditions. Maybe you’ve had heart problems and high blood pressure for years and that didn’t stop you from working. You need to be able to say when did your condition become so severe you’re no longer able to work. 

What is your work history?

They won’t be looking only at your last job. Far from it. The SSA will want to hear about all the jobs you’ve had for the past 10 – 15 years, and they’ll want details. Be prepared to describe your daily activities at any previous job. They’ll want to know if you had a desk job or there was a lot of physical activity involved – such as standing for long hours, lifting heavy objects, performing repetitive strenuous activities, etc. They’ll ask you about the location of your previous job, to see if going to work involved a long commute. 

Even if you have papers proving that you worked at a certain company, they’ll ask again for contact info, especially the name of your supervisor. 

It’s very important how you answer these questions. As an example, if your last job required a lot of physical activity, the SSA employee may argue that a previous job you’ve had 10 years ago was far less demanding and you might perhaps be able to still do that.

Also, the SSA will want to know if your health issues are in any way related to a work injury and whether you received workers’ compensation benefits for that. 

What is your medical history?

If you work closely with knowledgeable disability benefits lawyers, they’ll make sure your medical records are conclusive and show without a doubt that you cannot support yourself. During the interview, the SSA employee will nevertheless want to go over your medical history again. They’ll be looking for inconsistencies, so make sure your answers match the facts as described in your doctor’s notes and general assessment of your condition. Have your doctor’s contact info at hand. 

They’ll probably ask you what tests related to your conditions have you done, what doctors have you seen, what hospital or clinic, etc. They’ll also want to know what treatment you receive and what medications you’re currently taking.

Perhaps the most important question is what is your prognosis. To be awarded disability benefits, your condition must be expected to last at least 12 months. They’ll want to know if and when you’re expected to recover, so you can go back to work. Even if your doctor told you that you might get better with the right treatment, don’t tell them that. Just say you’re doing everything you can and you’re following your doctor’s orders, but there’s no telling if you’re going to recover. 

If you need help applying for SSDI or your benefits claim was recently denied, you should schedule a consultation with a reliable social security disability lawyer at the Jon Sipes law firm, serving New Mexico and Texas.

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