We see the commercials on TV, or we know someone who is going through a personal injury lawsuit.
But, if you’ve never been involved in this type of situation, you may not understand what a personal injury case is. It can be a scary thought when it’s now you going through this situation.
This article dives deep into 5 scenarios where you definitely need to consider: “personal injury lawyers near me.”

1. A Bicycle Accident

In a collision or other accident, bicyclists are more vulnerable than motorists. Because of this vulnerability, cyclists are more likely than motorists to experience an accident that causes long-term injuries or even death.
According to a study publicised by National Public Radio, motorists are responsible for more than half of car-bike collisions. Common causes of car-bike collisions include “dooring” (the opening of a car door into traffic), making a right turn through the bike lane and pulling out of a driveway as a cyclist passes.
Cyclists who experience injuries often face expensive medical bills, pain and suffering and forced time off from work. Insurance companies’ interest is in saving money; they rarely make fair offers to their clients’ victims.
To be treated fairly and receive an appropriate settlement, a cyclist who is in an accident needs a lawyer.

2. Slip and Fall

Walking into the grocery store you fell and injured yourself. You’ve spent a few weeks at home recovering from your injury, and have spent countless hours at the doctors having x-rays, scans and the like.
You’re not getting paid and your medical bills are mounting, and you wonder if you have any options.
Slip and fall injuries can be serious, and its frustrating because running to the store for milk and bread resulted in this not-so-pleasant situation. You could sue for compensation, but you’ll need to prove who the negligent party was.
If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case, contact personal injury lawyer.

3. Bus Accident

While they are generally safe, bus accidents do happen from time to time. If you are involved in a bus accident and suffer an injury, hiring legal representation could be a great option.
If you are injured in a bus accident, the next thing that a lawyer will do is handle all negotiations with the other parties involved. In many situations, this will involve having them speak with the city busing department, but could also involve speaking with insurance companies or private bus companies.

4. Dog Bites

When it comes to dog bite injuries, most worry about negligent owners with their poorly monitored dogs or even stray dogs doing the biting. However, while both situations can result in dog bites, there is a situation that can be even more common — a dog bite in the care of a dog walker.
If your occasionally aggressive dog is inside your home, they are at a much lower risk of having a dog bite incident, obviously. However, that risk goes up exponentially if you have a dog walker take them out for some exercise.

Personal Injury Lawyers near Me

“Personal injury lawyers near me” and all other parties involved will likely work to find a fair settlement that will properly compensate you for your expenses and other losses.
If you have been on a bus during an accident and suffer any type of injury or other loss, it would be a good idea to contact us to learn more. We will help to explain to you the legal process to ensure your rights are properly represented.

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