5 Best defenses to deportation in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA – Illegal aliens or permanent residents charged with certain crimes can be deported from the US following a decision by the Immigration Court. If you were arrested by the ICE or you received a Notice to Appear before the Immigration Court, talk to an experienced Atlanta immigration lawyer right away. There are many ways you can defend yourself in a deportation trial. However, time may be short. You may have only a few weeks to prepare your defense so you must act quickly. 

It is up to your lawyers to decide what type of defense would work in your case. Also, remember that even if a deportation order has been issued you can find ways to appeal the court’s decision. All is not lost until you give up!

Here are the best defenses to deportation immigrants can use to win the right to remain with their family and friends in Georgia. 

 Apply for Permanent Residency / Adjustment of Status

This means applying for a Green Card. It’s always best to start the process before you are placed in removal proceedings, but there’s still time to do it. In most cases, immigrants applying for adjustment of status do so by filing a family-based immigration petition. If you have close family members who have American citizenship, this is what your lawyers will probably advise. However, in certain cases, you can also use an employment-based petition to obtain permanent legal residence and be spared removal.

Renewal of Form I-751 Removal of Conditional Residence

This concerns immigrants who have a conditional Green Card. Failure to file Form I-751 also known as Removal of Conditional Residence can get you in trouble with the USCIS. A lawyer can help you by asking the judge for a renewal of the form and, later on, you can get a regular Green Card, which allows you a lot more rights.  

Criminal Waivers

Legal permanent residents can be deported from the US if they were charged with certain crimes. Yet, some crimes can be forgiven if you have a good lawyer. When you appear before the Immigration Court, your lawyers will ask for a criminal waiver so you won’t get deported. 

Non-criminal Waivers

This applies to non-citizens who were not convicted of a crime, but are nevertheless guilty of certain ‘bad acts’, such as lying to get an immigration benefit, being “inadmissible” at the time of entering US territory country, or “smuggling” one’s own spouse or child into the country. for example, may need a waiver to obtain a given benefit. When filing for a non-criminal waiver, these bad acts can be forgiven. If you meet the requirements for a Green Card, you can apply for one at this stage. 


If you were persecuted or discriminated against in your country of origin, your lawyers may file a petition for asylum on your behalf. According to the law, applicants must show they were persecuted based on criteria such as race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinions.

If you have received a Notice to Appear before the Immigration Court, schedule an appointment with a trustworthy lawyer at Kuck | Baxter Immigration LLC in Atlanta or their South Georgia office.

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