5 Drivers in Nebraska Struggle to Get Their Claims Paid After Hitting Concrete Boulders Left in the Roadway

Several drivers in Valley, NE, which is approximately 35 minutes away from Omaha, are rather concerned with who is going to cover their vehicle repair bills after they drove over boulders left in the roadway. According to 6 On Your Side, five drivers have already hit concrete boulders that had been dropped in the roadway on West Dodge which caused severe damage to their vehicles. One woman even shared her encounter with the news outlet saying that when she approached the boulders, she had to “make the choice really fast, which one shall I hit. I went over the smaller one I could.”
While she is lucky her vehicle is the only thing that was affected by the boulder, now she is left with tow and vehicle repair costs which have amounted to hundreds of dollars. The woman, who has been identified as Taylor Walker, said that she is now worried she will be stuck with these costly bills and will have to pay for the repairs out of her own pocket. Now, deputies were informed by witnesses that a certain truck did drive down West Dodge and dropped the boulders and that driver has since been cited.
However, a representative from Jackson Complete Concrete, which is the company the truck driver was employed with, believes the boulders did not come off the truck that belonged to his company. He believes that because the trucker is an independent contractor, that the claim should be made with that driver’s insurance company, not with his company’s insurer. Now, according to Phyllis Atkisson, who is another driver whose vehicle sustained damage the same way Walker’s vehicle did, she believes the trucking company should be held accountable.
Atkisson even hired an accident attorney in Nebraska to represent her in the matter and help her get a claim filed with the truck company’s insurance carrier. She told the news source, “I want them to help pay for this, for my car. I can’t drive my car I got to rent a car.” Both Walker and Atkisson were displeased with how the entire scenario played out seeing that they had no choice but to hit these concrete boulders left in the road and are now struggling to get their claim paid by the party who is suspected of being at fault.
If you need help getting your insurance claim paid for an accident that wasn’t your fault, let one of our accident lawyers in Omaha, NE help you with this.
Anytime you find yourself left with vehicle damages and/or you suffering from injuries from an accident yet the responsible party isn’t taking the responsibility for the accident, it might be in your best interest to hire an accident lawyer. Not only will they handle all matters involving the insurance company, but they can help prove you shouldn’t have to pay out of your own pocket to get your vehicle repaired. The fact is, very few individuals have hundreds of dollars lying around waiting to be spent on vehicular damage, which can be rather costly, which is why the party responsible for causing the damage should be the one to pay for it.
Therefore, if you were recently involved in an accident in Omaha, NE and need some legal assistance to help get your claim filed and/or settled, contact USAttorneys.com and we will connect you with a reliable and dedicated accident attorney in Omaha, NE who is available to help you.

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