5 Things That Can Influence How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

Suffering injuries from a car accident can be a distressing and harrowing experience. It’s particularly challenging when you’re unsure of how to regain normalcy in your life. However, given the damage you’ve endured due to another party’s fault, it’s crucial to focus on pursuing the liable party and securing the appropriate compensation for all your losses.

Understand that the process of filing a car accident claim is far from simple. It involves various aspects that require thorough planning and preparation. Here are five factors that can significantly affect the settlement amount you might receive for your injuries:

How Injuries Affect Your Quality of Life 

Damages for pain and suffering could be considerable in a car accident claim, particularly when the accident leads to devastating injuries or disabilities. This encompasses not only physical agony but also emotional distress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues. It further includes a reduction in your life’s pleasure.

Recording and assessing these damages can be challenging as they are based on personal experience. There’s no tangible proof to validate your pain and suffering. A practical approach can be keeping a diary detailing how your injuries influence your day-to-day activities.

Which Insurance Policy Provides Coverage for the Accident?

Typically, car accident settlements involving injuries have an average car accident settlement value of about $5,700. On the other hand, settlements for accidents without injuries are usually valued around $3,700

With the help of your lawyer, examine that person’s car insurance policy. Your attorney assesses the extent of the coverage provided by this policy. For instance, a driver with only basic liability insurance might not offer substantial compensation as part of the car accident claim. Conversely, a driver with a comprehensive insurance policy may provide more compensation in case of an accident.

Your attorney can review all aspects included in the car insurance policy to assist you in crafting your car accident claim. For instance, an insurance policy may cover a specified amount for vehicle damage and provide compensation up to a certain limit for a rental car while your car is being repaired.

Previous Health Conditions

Having any health conditions before the accident may influence your eligible compensation. This is attributed to the challenge of demonstrating that your injuries directly resulted from the accident rather than exacerbating an existing condition. Nonetheless, a seasoned personal injury attorney can assist you in establishing that your new injuries (or the aggravation of your pre-existing condition) were caused by the accident.

Comparative Negligence

Determining responsibility in a car accident isn’t always straightforward. There are instances where the party primarily at fault for the crash may try to suggest that the victim’s carelessness also contributed to the incident. A skilled lawyer can evaluate the influence of such a claim. This is crucial as the extent to which a victim’s negligence adds to their injuries can affect the compensation they are qualified to obtain.

Swift Healthcare Service

Postponements in receiving medical attention can make settlement discussions more complex. For instance, the insurance firm might claim that your condition deteriorated due to the deferred treatment. They might insist that this lack of damage control should lower the worth of your injury claim. Seeking immediate medical care following a car accident benefits your wellbeing and enhances the likelihood of getting the highest possible compensation for your damages.


There’s no obligation for you to take a minimal settlement proposal. You have the entitlement to solicit legal counsel and bargain for a more significant settlement sum that adequately reimburses you for the harm and losses resulted from an irresponsible driver.

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