What was meant to be a fun family trip to SeaWorld in San Antonio turned out to be a devastating event one family will now carry with them for the rest of their lives.
On June 25th, five-year-old Michaela Tirado of Aubrey, TX was spending the day with her parents at SeaWorld in San Antonio. As the evening grew, the family headed out of the park to return to their vehicle. Tirado, however, slipped away from her parents in the process and ran into the side of a pickup truck, according to KSAT. The initial police report indicated that after the child hit the side of the truck, she fell underneath the right rear tire and was then run over.
The driver immediately got out of his truck and began to render aid, although the accident left him distraught, according to the New York Post. When police arrived, they called for a helicopter to come and pick the five-year-old up, however, they later canceled that request as the child was pronounced dead at the accident scene. The truck driver is not expected to be charged for the incident. Sgt. Michelle Ramos, who is a spokeswoman for the San Antonio Police Department, issued a statement after the untimely death saying that parents need to be sure they “grab their little ones because they do have a tendency to get away from you, especially in areas like this where there’s high volume of traffic.”
On Monday, a day after the tragic accident occurred, SeaWorld released a statement saying,
“We are deeply saddened that last night a young girl was fatally struck by a guest vehicle while exiting SeaWorld’s San Antonio park. The entire SeaWorld family is heartbroken over this tragic accident. Our focus and thoughts are with her family and our team to provide the support they need in the difficult days and weeks ahead.”
Parking lots are some of the most dangerous places for children. You have vehicles driving up and down aisles in search of a parking spot while others are in the process of backing out. And not always are these drivers paying attention and keeping an eye out for small children. Apart from that, younger children often don’t realize the true dangers that exist in parking lots and fail to understand that being as small as they are, it only makes it more difficult for drivers to spot them. But, the truth is, it only takes a few seconds for your child to slip out of your sight and for an accident to transpire in a parking lot.
So, in order to help prevent another one of these tragic accidents from occurring, below are a few parking lot safety rules to teach your kids that can help keep them out of harm’s way.
It is important for parents to establish parking lot safety rules for their children that can help keep them safe and avoid an accident.

  1. Never play nearby to parked cars. Although a vehicle might appear to be in a stationary position, there could be a driver inside who is prepared to take off at any minute and your child could be run over in the process.
  2. Always be on the lookout for cars. Remember to tell your kids to keep an eye out for cars driving or backing up as you cannot rely on the driver to keep them safe.
  3. Hold an adults hand. Whenever you find yourself walking through a parking lot, even one that doesn’t appear to be busy, always hold your child’s hand and don’t let go until you have safely made into your car or inside the place you were going.
  4. Use “walking feet” as opposed to running feet in a parking lot. The parking lot is not a place for horse playing or running so stress how important it is for your child to walk properly.

[Source: Very Well Family].
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