7 Overlooked Workplace Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

Accidents in the workplace are not uncommon, no matter their severity. Regardless of the causation, an accident brings consequences on the worker’s family, let alone the company’s reputation on the whole. 

Furthermore, an incident not only affects the company and the victim, but it also influences the working environment overall. Nonetheless, as company owners, sometimes we disregard measures to prevent these incidents.

Even if a company requires office work rather than fieldwork, that doesn’t mean that accidents may still not occur. Precautions are never insufficient in office settings; what’s more, they are pivotal to avoiding incidents. 

Among the paramount safety measures in the workplace, these are essential to ensure employees’ safety:

  1. Regular Risk and Physical Assessments: This often entails identifying hazards to establish safety measures. Also, a due medical scan of employees to ensure their job suitability and well-being. 
  2. Safety Training: Prioritizing health and safety with a comprehensive training promotes an awareness culture within the company. 
  3. Qualified Hiring and Adequate Staffing: As employers, it’s vital to ensure that employees are adequately trained for their roles. Additionally, overburdening employees with tasks enhances the likelihood of accidents due to burnout. 
  4. Workplace Cleanliness, Signage and Lighting: Additional to proper safety training, it’s important to ensure a tidy work area. Furthermore, ensuring visibility and lighting lessens the risks of any incident. 
  5. Appropriate Dress Code: Enforce attire suitable for job requirements to mitigate hazards. 
  6. Equipment and Vehicles: Provide necessary safety gear and ensure its proper use through training and inspection. Also, regularly service company vehicles to enhance safety for employees.
  7. Discourage Shortcuts: Promote adherence to safety protocols and discourage risky behaviors.

Regardless of your status as employer or employee, being mindful of safety measures in the workplace is critical.

Construction & Office Safety: Employers’ Vital Need for Personal Injury Attorneys

As business owners, it’s important to ensure employee safety and comfort during working hours. Moreover, there are times when, despite proper safety measures, accidents still happen.

A personal injury claim is no easy affair. Generally, it’s bound to particular circumstances and the outcome, whether severe injuries or a worker’s demise. Hence, the prompt legal counseling is vital not only to avoid these incidents, but to have a proper response when necessary.  

Furthermore, a personal injury attorney might bring insight of Indiana’s worker compensation laws and regulations. Having said that, the company can proactively identify and mitigate risks associated to workplace hazards. This usually entails implementing preventive measures to ensure compliance with safety regulations; and if necessary, providing a proper response to accidents and claims. 

Overall, relying on a legal counselor provides a peace of mind in the long run. In Indiana, Marshall P. Whalley and Associates can provide you with an attorney seasoned in personal injury claims to grant the best counsel for your company.

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