A two-car crash in the South County left one man dead and sent a woman to the hospital in serious condition. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says it happened around 11:15 on the morning of July 2nd on Highway 95 near County 20 1/2 Street. Deputies say a northbound Hyundai Sonata inexplicably veered into oncoming traffic and hit a Honda Civic head-on. The authorities identified 66-year-old Salvador Ulloa of San Luis as the driver killed in a car accident on Highway 95.  Ulloa and the woman driving the Civic, 22-year-old Anna Alvardo, both suffered serious injuries. Paramedics took them to Yuma Regional Medical Center. However, Ulloa succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. Alvardo, meanwhile, survived but remained hospitalized. The deputies said there were no signs that alcohol played a role in the crash. They are conducting further investigation on why Ulloa drifted into oncoming traffic.

Recovery of damages.

When another party’s negligent acts can be proven to be the cause of an injury, it is wise to file a legal claim to cover expenses above the insurance coverage amounts traditionally paid out after a car accident results in injury and property damage. In the case where the negligent driver dies, legal action can be undertaken against their insurance company, or estate.  Additional compensation will cover negative changes to a victim’s life after the accident, including loss of current and future income, medical bills, pain and suffering and wrongful death claims.  There are no caps, or damages for personal injury accident claims in the State of Arizona, which means there is a high probability that an accident victim could receive damages that exceed amounts covered by insurance.  In the State of Arizona individuals have two years to file a legal claim, unless the accident occurred at a job, or at a government agency, when deadlines can be shortened to six months.

Comparative negligence.

Under Arizona’s comparative negligence laws, an injured party is allowed to recover even if he or she is 99% at fault. The compensation for the damages from the injury may be adjusted based on what percentage of fault each party is assigned and the circumstances of the accident. This is often the part where legal representation can make a positive impact.

Seek legal counsel.

If you have hire an experienced legal professional at the Law Offices of Schneider & Onofry to file a personal injury claim and/or talk with the insurance company on your behalf, it may yield swifter results with a higher dollar amount, and you will not have to spend time dealing with paperwork and irritation as you take time to heal from the accident.


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