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New York, NY – The Platta Law Firm is an experienced practice that assists clients in New York with the process to receive compensation through civil lawsuits. Founding partner Slawomir Platta takes pride in being able to help and represent people who are in need of legal services during the difficult time following an accident. Over the last several years, he has built an impressive team of attorneys who have achieved great results for local clients. 

Some of the firm’s achievements include an appeal that changed New York law to allow for additional protections for construction workers following an accident. The national publication Superlawyers has featured Platta Law Firm in the New York metro area. The firm’s attorneys have also helped various clients receive substantial amounts of compensation for expenses such as medical treatment and their lost income. Here is a brief overview of the ways in which the firm has made a difference in the lives of those who were harmed and needed help from an attorney.

Accident lawsuits are the area of focus

The firm mainly focuses on a few types of personal injury lawsuits, including construction accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. While there are some similarities in these kinds of civil cases, it is ideal for each client to have a lawyer that understands their needs and the specifics of how to reach a successful result that includes enough compensation. 

Injuries at construction sites

Those who work in construction are constantly at risk of sustaining a multitude of injuries. This includes falling from a work area, being hit by vehicles or machinery, or being injured by building materials and heavy objects. Even if the employer has taken precautions to try to ensure worker safety, there can still be deficiencies at a job site and lawsuits can be the best way for an injured construction employee to get financial help. 

Car accidents

People need to drive every day, and no one can control how the drivers around them will behave. This greatly increases the risk that a person will be harmed while driving at some point in their life. Injury lawsuits related to motor vehicle accidents are important because they allow victims to receive the compensation that they need following a collision, and they can be necessary even when the victim has applicable auto insurance. 

Truck and commercial vehicle accidents

Truck accidents and others involving large commercial vehicles can be a real problem for anyone who was injured by a negligent driver. The victim will need to retain the services of a lawyer from Platta Law Firm who has substantial experience suing the companies that own these vehicles and arguing for settlements that are sufficient to cover their injuries.  

Motorcycle collisions

Injuries from motorcycle accidents can often be life changing for those affected. Motorcycle riders have very little protection from collisions with other vehicles, and this means that medical costs associated with a collision tend to be substantial. Insurance policies that cover motorcyclists may not always be enough to get the necessary financial help following a crash.  

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