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A few simple ways to reduce teen dangers on Facebook and Instagram.

August 6, 2022

Prolonged exposure to social media platforms has led to suicidal ideation and completing the act itself, other types of self-harm, eating disorders, severe anxiety, depression, and patterns of sleep interruption. Congressional hearings in 2021 revealed that Facebook and Instagram were aware of this negative data.  Families who are suffering through mental health issues caused by social media addiction or those who have lost a loved one through suicide due to a negative social media interaction should contact experienced Michigan personal injury lawyers to discuss their concerns and see if they have a case for damages against Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Facebook congressional hearing.

The congressional hearing in 2021 showcased the importance of social media dangers to youth for both Republican and Democratic lawmakers on taking action to stop the harms caused to teenagers on Facebook. During the hearing lawmakers explored the role that Facebook’s algorithms play in amplifying problematic content, and the way in which the company consistently tweaks its algorithm to choose one type of content over another, and that there is more damaging research revealing the social media platforms intent to profit over safety with the use of its product.

Instagram protections.

Parents and teens should take primary steps to make sure that social media accounts are private and only allow individuals they choose to see their information, or to interact with them.  This can be accomplished through fixing privacy settings. Adults are now supposed to be prevented from sending messages to users under 18 and there is a blocking feature that can be utilized to filter negative content in conversations.  While some of these protections may be broad-based, the best practice is to limit time utilizing the social media applications, especially for school-aged teens.

Dangers of Instagram.

  • Inappropriate Content. Instagram contains all sorts of content that is not filtered; this includes adult content and other inappropriate photos or videos.
  • Compromised Privacy. Compromised privacy typically occurs in two ways: By the users themselves and by hackers. …
  • Questionable ‘Influencers.’ Social media platforms, including Instagram, are full of posts from so-called social media influencers.
  • Cyberbullies and Cybercriminals. The internet is full of cyberbullies and cybercriminals. Users could fall victim to such people, especially if their accounts are public.
  • Instagram includes attractive features to lure users into spending hours on it – from taking the perfect Insta-shots to scrolling through posts and viewing stories. 

Are you a social media victim?

To build a case against social media platforms, the victim must have used on or both of Facebook or Instagram, began use before the age of 21, utilizes the platforms for more than 3 hours per day and suffered or suffers from various behavioral health issues including ADD, ADHD, depression and anxiety, and body dysmorphic illness including anorexia and bulimia, but the worst of is suicidal ideation or the act itself.

Lawsuits for social media may be based on improper or non-existent warnings to the dangers posed by their use.  Depending on the harms to your  health, it may be prudent to consult with a Michigan Facebook lawsuit attorney at the Neumann Law Group who can explain when legal action is warranted.

Hire a lawyer.

Michigan personal injury attorneys  at the Neumann Law Group can explain how dangerous social media platforms can be and initiate lawsuits against them, specifically Facebook and Instagram.  Proving negligence may require a variety of witnesses from the behavioral health, medical, technological design, and consumer protection specialties, in addition to collecting scientific evidence supporting associated mental health risks, crises and statistical death numbers related to social media.


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