A few unexpected consequences of a divorce in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY – Most people understand that a divorce is an end to a marriage and there are serious consequences such as property division and child custody battles. However, there are less obvious consequences of the divorce process and the aftermath which do not receive nearly as much attention. It is important for each spouse to get their own legal representation at this difficult time and discuss their concerns with their divorce attorney to get personal advice.

The divorce will look very transactional

A divorce feels similar to many other legal disputes in the sense that money is always a crucial issue, and both sides negotiate for their client’s best interests. This can make the process feel more like a business transaction than other aspects of the marriage process. There are also related tax consequences that need to be considered, as a person who has been filing jointly with their spouse will now have to change and file as a single person again. The best outcome for most divorce cases is when a settlement can be reached to end the marriage quickly without investing time in multiple court hearings. 

People can get very stressed out and depressed

The time from when a divorce is served until the process is completed is considered one of the most stressful things that a person will ever have to endure. This is because a person’s relationships with their family and children will change, and there can also be serious financial consequences such as support and alimony payments. Many marriage professionals recommend that people going through a divorce receive support from friends and family members to avoid letting the stress consume them. 

Consequences of divorce can be far reaching

People who are going through a divorce may have to change their name, get new bank accounts, move to a new residence, sort through debt and credit cards, and share custody of their children with their former spouse for years in some cases. Especially in divorces where there are young children or alimony is awarded, the couple should expect the results of their divorce to affect their lives for some time in the future. 

Some people feel much better afterward

In some cases, people start to realize that maybe they were not suited for married life. A common sentiment from recent divorced people is that they feel great relief and freedom after their marriage ends, and they may choose to not remarry again. 

New York divorce lawyers

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that helps people with their divorces and other family law problems in the Brooklyn area. Those who want additional information can meet with a licensed attorney to receive professional advice. 

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