A few ways that workers in Keller can discover wage theft

Keller, TX – It is very likely that a worker will have certain times in their career where they are not being paid in accordance with all relevant wage laws. This can include things like stolen tips, minimum wage violations, not receiving overtime, or not being paid for all hours. All of these things are technically considered wage theft, and the employer is responsible for correcting them. Estimates have shown that workers in each state lose millions of dollars to wage theft each year, making it a very expensive national problem for employees. Anyone who has not been paid properly can get legal advice and they are entitled to their full outstanding pay after they bring a lawsuit. 

Checking pay statements

This is probably the most obvious way, but workers should get into the habit of reviewing their pay statements every pay period. Things like missing hours, unpaid overtime, and illegal deductions can all possibly be detected by simply looking over the information on the statement. The employer is also required to keep complete and accurate records of all of their pay information, which are available for examination if the employee or a labor agency needs to review them. 

Keeping personal pay records

Workers who are paid hourly should try to keep some kind of basic information regarding the time they worked, any relevant overtime, or other basic information that is relevant to their pay. 

Do not agree to any unpaid work

It is possible that employers may ask for various favors or other forms of work that is done without pay or while the person is clocked out. Employees should not agree to do any work in this situation, especially working extra shifts or taking on additional responsibilities, unless they will be compensated appropriately. If the time is not recorded, it may be difficult to try to receive pay for this labor at a later time. 

Knowing the worker’s status

Employers have been known to try to classify workers as independent contractors or salaried to avoid paying overtime or other benefits. While this may be legitimately true in some cases, most employees should be eligible for hourly pay and overtime when applicable. Overtime pay also needs to be set at least at one and one half times the worker’s regular pay. 

Labor lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that works with local clients in the area of Keller and other parts of Texas to assist with various issues related to employment law disputes. Anyone who needs more information about sexual harassment, unpaid wages, overtime laws, or discrimination can contact their firm to speak with attorneys near me

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