Police bodycam footage was recently released that showed the series of events that led up to the wrongful arrest of a man visiting from Turkey. The footage, which dates back to February 2019, shows an officer employed with the Oviedo Police Department, which is about 20 minutes away from Orlando, conducting a traffic stop along Red Bug Lake Road. The officer, who has been identified as Scott Mosely pulled over a driver after witnessing the man cutting in between vehicles and tailgating.

After pulling the vehicle over, Mosley approached the driver and the first thing he asked was if the driver spoke English. The man behind the wheel, who is from Turkey, struggled to communicate with the officer. Mosely can then be heard asking the man “How did you get a driver’s license if you don’t speak English.” The driver proceeded to show the officer his Turkish driver’s license and passport.

After reviewing the documents, Mosley tells the driver that he cannot drive in Florida if he doesn’t have a U.S. license. He then asks the man why he didn’t stop when he first turned his lights and sirens on and due to the language barrier, the driver did not understand. Mosley is then heard saying to the man, “Yeah, that’s why you should not be driving in America when you don’t understand what it means when a cop is behind you with their lights on.”


An Arrest is Made


After the conversation continued for a few more minutes, Mosley is seen putting the driver in handcuffs. An internal investigation was later conducted which resulted in the officer being suspended from his duties for 12 hours without pay for his conduct. It turns out, Mosley wrongfully arrested the driver. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, when an individual is visiting Florida from another country, they are permitted to operate a vehicle as long as they have “in their immediate possession a valid driver’s license issued in his/her name from their country of residence.”

The officer received a slap on the wrist rather than being faced with serious consequences for his actions after it was determined he lacked training on certain laws and regulations.


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