Cliff Tucker, 29, was on his way home to El Paso from San Antonio when an unexpected car crash occurred. Tucker along with six others, were traveling on Interstate 10 just outside of Balmorhea when the tread on the right rear tire of their 2015 Ford Transit separated.  That lead to the vehicle rolling over and was the only automobile involved in the accident, according to My San Antonio.
Tucker, who was an alumnus of Chapin High School, was killed in the accident along with 29-year-old Andrew Akaji and 25-year-old Amanda Akaji. The three had been passengers in the vehicle and were said to not be wearing their seat belts. There were also four other occupants in the car all of which sustained injuries. Those four individuals have been identified as Joseph Kennerly III, 34, Marcus Lovelace, 22, Genesis Soto, 29, and three-year-old Andrea Soto.
Kennerly and Lovelace were taken to Pecos Hospital in Fort Stockton, Genesis Soto was transported to Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, and Andrea Soto was taken to University Medical Center of El Paso. It was reported that Kennerly was the driver at the time of the fatal accident.
Tucker was known for his talent and skill in basketball and will now be missed by many.
After it was reported that Tucker had been killed in the accident, word seemed to spread rather quickly across social media platforms. Tucker had graduated from Chapin back in 2007 and as a senior, he averaged 21.4 points and 10.1 rebounds per game. He also played for his high school football team. Tucker was also recognized as the 2007 El Paso Times’ Boys Basketball Co-MVP and a two-time All-Region and All-State selection.
Tucker then went on and became a starter for the basketball team at the University of Maryland. The El Paso Times reported that Tucker became part of Maryland history when he hit a game-winning three-pointer that beat Georgia Tech in 2010. That clip is still trending on YouTube.
Many described Tucker as a “humble” and “giving” individual and shared the memories they had involving the basketball star. The former Chapin boys basketball coach said, “Cliff meant a lot to El Paso, he meant a lot to the community here in the Northeast part of the city. He was a great person, who accomplished so much.” The basketball team he played for in Maryland sent out a message on Twitter saying they were “deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Cliff Tucker” and that their “hearts go out to the Tucker family during this time.”

Can accidents such as this one be prevented?

As mentioned, the single-vehicle accident occurred because the tread on the rear tire separated. But, by recognizing the causes of tread separation, you may be able to prevent you and/or your family from engaging in one of these types of accidents.
Recognizing the causes of tread separation can help you identify if your tires need to be replaced which could ultimately save your life and that of your family.
Some common causes of tread separation include:

  1. The tire has a manufacturer defect. According to, a defect in a tire can occur when “something goes wrong in the chemical processes during manufacture and the tread and steel belting section didn’t properly bond to the tire casing properly.” As time goes on, a motorist may find that their drive is unstable and a bump will form in the tread area. Eventually, the tread will separate.
  2. Tire abuse which might occur because of over-inflation of the tire or careless driving habits.
  3. Incorrectly repairing a flat tire.
  4. Excessive tire wear.

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