One person was killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Beaver County. The victim, a man named Christopher Elliott was walking on I-76 in the area of North Sewickley Township, when he was hit by a passing big-rig.  He was pronounced dead at the scene of blunt force trauma injuries. The driver of the truck remained at the scene and fully cooperated with arriving officials and the incident is being investigated.

Pedestrian deaths on rise.

United States pedestrian fatalities are at their highest level since 1988. Recent data shows that 6,590 pedestrians were killed on U.S. roads in 2019, a 5% increase from 2018 and the continuation of a trend starting in 2009.  There are a multitude of factors causing this upward trend, but walking on heavily traveled interstates is not a common one.


Compensation for any loss sustained as a result of a truck accident may be possible when negligence is proven. Call an accident attorney to determine “fault” and actions toward a legal proceeding that addresses property damage and physical injuries sustained.  Damages that may be recovered include:

  • Medical bills
  • Current and future compensation losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of care, companionship
  • Funeral expenses if a wrongful death occurs

Trucker regulations and violations.

There are state and federal regulations that require tractor trailers to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, and requirements for drivers to be evaluated to make sure they are in good health to reduce, or identify health problems that could render them dangerous in long distance driving situations required by commercial carriers who manage deadline-imposed businesses.

Insurance and compensation.

Federal regulations require tractor-trailer trucks to carry various levels of insurance coverage, based on the transported cargo. The state of Pennsylvania requires a tractor trailer to carry a much higher minimum liability insurance policy than a passenger vehicle, and uses both a “no-fault” system and a 3rd party liability system. Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault system, a driver may turn to his or her own insurance company for compensation for injuries up to the personal injury protection, or “PIP”  limit, regardless of fault. Drivers also have the right to circumvent Pennsylvania’s no-fault law and proceed directly against the at-fault driver under certain circumstances.

Seek legal counsel.

Trucking accidents are complex and often require involved research, so it is wise to contact an experienced attorney at Scanlon & Wojton, LLC, who can exercise their best legal practices to ensure a positive result.

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