Residents in the Bronx are outraged after learning that a garbage truck driver employed with Sanitation Salvage hit and killed a pedestrian a few months back and was permitted to continue driving for the company. To make matter worse, the driver struck another pedestrian in April, causing yet another fatal incident.
The New York Daily News recently reported that 33-year-old Sean Spence was operating the garbage truck on April 27thwhen he fatally struck Leon Clark on E. 152ndStreet near Jackson Avenue. Clark, who was a man in his 70’s, lived in the Adams Houses apartments located nearby to the accident scene.
But, this wasn’t the first time Spence had run over a pedestrian while operating the Sanitation Salvage truck. About six months ago, Spence “ran over an off-the-books worker who was helping him on his route.” But the employee initially claimed that the victim, who was identified as 21-year-old Mouctar Diallo, was “a crazy homeless man.” The fact is, he still hit Diallo and the impact left him dead.
When Clark’s neighbors learned that Spence had hit and killed someone just a few months ago, and was still permitted to operate the garbage truck, they were outraged. Ronald Topping, who is the president of the Adams Houses Tenant Association, said that “he should have never been given the opportunity to drive again. After taking the first life, it didn’t register that it meant anything. There was no value in a person’s life.” Unfortunately, when individuals are not faced with consequences for committing crimes or acts of negligence, they often won’t hesitate to commit them again as they know there is likely no penalty that will come from it.

The Business Integrity Commission Wants the Private Sanitation Company’s License Revoked

According to News 12, “the Business Integrity Commission says it is investigating Sanitation Salvage and can initiate the process to revoke the company’s license. It is working with the NYPD to see what action can be taken against the driver.” The private company has previous safety violations that “warrant a suspension of its license,” however the company is disputing the case. Aside from getting the company’s license revoked, the city’s Business Integrity Commission and the nonprofit Transportation Alternatives want the truck driver’s license suspended as well.
As of right now, however, police have not charged Spence with any crime. News 12 says officials believe the victim was not using the crosswalk at the time of the crash which is why no charges have been filed just yet.
A spokesperson for Sanitation Salvage put out a statement saying, “We believe that our safety standards and our drivers’ record over the course of millions of miles traveled since the founding of our company in 1984 merit a continuation of our practice and do not warrant a revocation of our license.” can help you find a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer in New York, NY who can assist you with filing a lawsuit against an individual or company for causing an accident that left you injured.
Although no action has been taken yet, the fact that the company has previous violations and one of its workers engaged in two fatal accidents isn’t exactly a good look.
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