Fillakit LLC had only been in business for six days when it landed an unbelievable contract with the federal government [Source: Tampa Bay Times]. The company, which is registered to a St. Petersburg real estate and estate planning attorney, received a $10.2 million contract in exchange for COVID-19 testing supplies. The news source says the company emerged on May 1st and after its first week in business, it landed the contract many business owners could only dream of winning.

According to the company’s registered agent and manager, Kira Doyle, the “original plan for Fillakit was to create 10,000 to 20,000 kits per week,” however, it then received the contract from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). Doyle says FEMA asked for 4 million units of medical supplies by July 6th and the company “convinced the federal agency is could meet that goal.” The attorney/business owner says the company is paying 200 workers starting at $15 an hour “at a time of record unemployment.” Those hired to work for Fillakit are said to be working out of a location in Texas where they assemble coronavirus test kits which include swabs for collecting a sample, a baggie, and a labeled test tube.

The source says that the kits are then sent a warehouse in Kentucky for distribution.

While many have questioned how this company with such little background in medicine managed to land such a large contract with the government, FEMA’s press office allegedly stated that it doesn’t “enter into contracts unless it has reason to believe they will be successfully executed.” The agency also said that Fillakit “was a registered contractor at the time the award was made.” As of May 28th, FEMA confirmed that it received more than 1.1 million units and the company was paid $1.7 million for those. At the time the news source reported on the company’s major deal with the federal government, FEMA said that it was still waiting to receive the remaining 2.9 million units it was promised.


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