A tractor trailer driver suffered fatal injury crashing into a dump truck near Pittsburgh. 

Pennsylvania – December 18, 2021

One individual was killed in a vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer in Westmoreland County.  The driver of a tractor trailer suffered fatal injury on Route 22 in Salem Township when he crashed into the back of dump truck near East Pittsburgh Street.  Family members who have suffered harmful loss after a truck accident near Pittsburgh should speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer who can assist with damage compensation and timely access to insurance funds to pay for funeral and burial services.  Legal counsel have a deep understanding of the complexities regarding the trucking industry and civil suits for damage compensation.

Pennsylvania insurance laws.

The State of Pennsylvania uses both a “no-fault” system and a 3rd party liability system. Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault system, after a motor vehicle accident, a driver may turn to his or her own insurance company for compensation for injuries up to the personal injury protection, or “PIP”  limit regardless of fault. Drivers also have the right to circumvent Pennsylvania’s no-fault law and proceed directly against the at-fault driver under certain circumstances that result in serious injury. Accident attorneys can review insurance policies to ascertain access to an accidental death benefit that could cover the immediate costs related to funeral and burial expenses for a family. Federal regulations require tractor-trailer trucks to carry various levels of insurance coverage, based on the transported cargo. The state of Pennsylvania requires a tractor trailer truck to carry a much higher minimum liability insurance policy than a typical automobile. The coverage amount needed depends on what freight is being hauled and where it is going. Pennsylvania utilizes the 51% rule, and accident parties can be 50% responsible for an accident and still collect damages in a personal injury claim.

Wrongful death action.

When families or loved ones suffer the harmful loss of a significant individual, they should consult with a truck accident attorney to file a wrongful death legal action, and secure access to insurance payments to cover funeral and burial expenses.  A truck accident attorney will review the case and identify parties who may be negligent for catastrophic loss caused in an accident with a tractor trailer which may include a driver, maintenance personnel, cargo loaders, or trucking companies.


Compensation for any loss sustained as a result of a tractor trailer accident, due to partial, or full negligence of another party, is in a victim’s reach.  Wrongful death settlements may include compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

Damages may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Compensation losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of care, companionship
  • Estate administration expenses
  • Funeral expenses when wrongful death occurs

 Hire a lawyer.

 If you have lost a loved one in a truck accident in the Pittsburgh area, it is important to contact a truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of Scanlon & Wojton for assistance with a wrongful death claim. Truck accident lawyers can help navigate a claim with the insurance company of the negligent driver, or initiate a legal case when warranted.

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