It was July 3rd, just before 8:00 a.m. when Shawn Sandrin, 57, had been operating a dump truck out of Lincoln. As Sandrin was heading down Fredde Lane at Horseshoe Lake near the Platte River, he crossed paths with a BNSF train that was traveling at approximately 50 mph. According to KLKN TV, the truck driver “was in route to another business but missed his turn.” When he approached the railroad crossing, he pulled out in front of the train and that is when his vehicle was struck by it.
After the accident occurred, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, the Nebraska State Patrol, and the Ashland Fire Department all arrived at the accident scene which was near 292ndStreet and Highway 66. The news outlet also stated that several other agencies were dispatched as well. Authorities reported that Sandrin failed to stop before crossing over the railroad tracks to see if a train, was in fact, approaching. However, the source also highlights that the railroad crossing doesn’t have any lights or arms that come down, only signs.
Sadly, Sandrin died at the scene.
Officials stated that the incident had traffic heading into and out of Horseshoe Lake blocked for several hours as police and railroad workers investigated the collision. Investigators were able to determine that the train had been using its whistle and even applied its emergency brakes before crashing into the dump truck, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

6-Year-Old Has 3 Fingers Partially Amputated as a Result of a Firework Accident

One day after this accident, another occurred involving a 6-year-old girl. It was the 4thof July and like most families, the child was out celebrating and lighting fireworks. Unfortunately, she had a roman candle in her hand called the “Atomic Bomb” which was ignited. As you know, it is never a good idea to let children near fireworks, let alone hold them [Source: 1011 Now]. Sadly, as a result of holding the firework, the child sustained severe injuries to her hand.
When Lincoln Fire and Rescue arrived at the child’s home near 21stStreet and Breckenridge, they said three fingers were partially amputated. Officials also said the firework in which the child was holding was “designed to be placed in the ground prior to being lit.” After officials tended to the child, the 30-year-old mother was then cited for child neglect after allowing her young daughter to hold the firework as opposed to placing it in the ground where it was intended to go.

What should I do after engaging in an accident?

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Engaging in any type of accident can be scary for anyone, but especially a child. Many often seek the necessary medical treatment they need after being involved in an accident and stop at that. But, what if the accident that occurred was caused by someone else’s negligent actions? If this were the case, then you may actually want to consider going a step further and speaking with an accident attorney in Lincoln, NE. Why? Well, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party and recover compensation that can cover your medical expenses among other things.
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