When to Contact a Los Angeles Accident Attorney

In the event that you have been involved in a vehicle accident in Los Angeles County, you need to stop and ensure that there are no injuries or that anyone has died because of this accident. Otherwise, you are likely to be accused of a hit and run, and face serious penalties. And even if you escape the reach of man’s law, you be judged eventually on how you lived your life.accident
 A Terrible Situation
As a rule, Los Angeles accident attorneys say that it is best to stop and check even if you have hit only a parked vehicle or caused damage to property. You should also not take hitting and injuring an animal lightly in the county. If you hit someone’s dog or car or another animal of theirs, it could cause them an incredible amount of grief.
After assessing the damage and calling the police or medical authorities in case of injuries, you also need to provide proof of identity, proof of financial responsibility, your address, and the name and address of the owner of any borrowed vehicle. In the event that you have injured an animal, you need to call the Humane Society.
Your Duties
Apart from this, the state also requires all people involved in vehicle accidents to report them to the State Highway Patrol within 24 hours and the DMV within 10 days. In order to ensure that you comply with all the legal requirements and avoid penalties and fines, you should contact a Los Angeles accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident.
You may want to put this situation behind you but you will only make this accident absorb more of your time and mess up more of your life if you do not follow the rules correctly.
This is important even if you are not the at fault driver or were injured in the accident. In such cases, a competent accident attorney will be able to file a claim for compensation and ensure that your medical bills and other expenses related to the accident are taken care of.
While a vehicle accident can be distressing, it is important to ensure that you also comply with all the legal requirements and report the accident to all relevant authorities if it occurs within the Los Angeles County jurisdiction.

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