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How Will The Rise Of Electric Cars Change Road Laws?

Electric vehicles accounted for just 5% of the American new car market in 2018, but up to 40 million Americans say they’ll consider buying an electric car as their next vehicle. The expectation is that electric vehicles will quickly make up the majority of cars on the road. With this, road laws have started to change and […]

Responsibility, Education and Enforcement: How Our Roads Could Be Safer

With an average of 6 million car accidents occurring each year in the United States, it’s clear that many roads are far from safe. Car accidents leave many people affected by the detrimental physical and mental effects that a vehicular accident brings, along with the legal aftermath that is often involved. While legal support is key, there are ways […]

What is considered a car accident?

A car accident happens when one or more vehicles either collide with one another, a person, or with an immobile object. A car is considered to have engaged in an accident when it has sustained damage that was caused by events such as theft, vandalism, hail, etc. While some car crashes result in property damage, […]

Is a traffic accident civil or criminal?

All traffic accidents can possibly result in civil repercussions, but only some accidents will result in criminal charges if illegal activities are involved, like drunk driving or leaving the scene of an accident.  The civil aspects of a motor vehicle accident consist of an accident report generated by local police, insurance claims to repair damages […]

Can I Sue After Engaging in a Truck Collision on an Interstate in Florida?

As scary and traumatic as interstate accidents might be, the truth is, most are preventable. While unsafe roadway conditions and inclement weather have been known to contribute to interstate accidents, the main cause of these crashes can be attributed to driver error. In fact, the National Public Radio (NPR) cited that “94 percent of fatal […]

Can I make a claim for funeral expenses on my homeowner’s policy for the drowning death of my child in Tampa, Florida?

Tampa area’s beautiful weather is always warm and inviting, with swimming pools everywhere, used by residents in their homes, students at school facilities, residents at community pools and visitors at hotels and resorts in the area.  A beautiful afternoon can quickly turn into a devastating event when someone is hurt near, or in a swimming […]

Can an accident victim sue the government in Daytona Beach?

Some accident lawsuits will attach the government as a defendant because they are the entity responsible for injuries or property damage. In these cases, it is still possible for victims to collect money, but there are also a number of special rules to consider when filing a case is against a municipal or county agency. […]

Can an Accident Be Prevented by Maintaining Car Parts in Tampa, Florida?

One of the best ways to prevent a car accident from occurring is to ensure that one’s vehicle is regularly maintained throughout the year. Most people generally go see a mechanic when their car starts making strange noises or when it stops working smoothly, but the reality is that car owners are supposed to take […]

Brooklyn, New York, Who Gets Compensated After a Car Accident?

After a collision occurs on the roads of New York, the first priority for all the drivers involved is to make sure that they are safe and that their health is in good order. Once that has been ascertained they can move on to determining how much damage was caused, and most importantly, who caused […]

Austin driver was not charged after hitting a pedestrian. Can he still be made to pay for injuries through a civil lawsuit?

Pedestrians, drivers, workers, and others near traffic are always susceptible to injuries from cars and obstacles nearby. Regardless of whether someone is arrested for their mistakes on the road, a victim can still retain a lawyer to file a civil personal injury lawsuit. Local news for the city of Austin, Texas reported as details emerged […]

Should you admit fault in a car accident?

Although you might feel obligated to discuss what caused the accident with the other driver(s) who were involved in the collision with, it is better that you don’t. Instead, you should keep the discussion to a minimum while you exchange information with those involved. After you have provided the other driver with your name, license […]

Is an accident a criminal offense?

It can turn into one when the right circumstances exist.   While most accidents occur as a result of driver error which often leads to one or more parties being cited for a traffic violation, there are times when an accident could result in an individual being hit with criminal charges. In this article, we […]

Can you file an accident claim without the other person’s insurance?

There is a way you can file a claim with a driver’s insurer given they were responsible for the accident even when they fail to provide you with their insurance information. Here’s how. Write down their license plate number. You are going to need to have some piece of information that can be used to […]

Should I call police after a minor car accident?

If you have been in a car accident that did not involve another vehicle and you live in a “no fault” insurance state, you probably do not need to call police, because your own insurance carrier will be responsible for damages to your property and/or payments for medical treatment related to the accident.  However, it […]

Can you file a police report days after an incident?

When a car accident happens, it is best to notify both your insurance company and the local police as soon as possible. However, this may not always be necessary in situations where you are only involved in a minor accident with minimal damage. Keep in mind that the main purpose for filing a police report […]

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

Hiring an attorney is a good option for anyone who finds themselves in a car accident, no matter how big or small the accident appears on the outside, especially if the accident involves larger vehicles. If a driver can contact their attorney shortly after the collision occurs, they significantly improve their chances of getting appropriately […]

Should I Call Insurance After Small Accident?

When it comes to dealing with small accidents, it’s easier for everyone to simply pay the damages out of their own pockets, shake hands with the other driver and go on their way again. However, failing to report the accident to one’s insurance company, no matter how small the accident was, may cost a person […]