Avoiding Distracted Driving Crashes in Florida

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Behind the wheel, distractions can be auditory, cognitive, manual, and visual.

Broward, FL-Driving in Florida can be a complicated task without external or internal distractions. But in the modern age, distractions abound. In 2014, distracted driving contributed to 3,179 deadly crashes in the U.S., Distraction.gov reports. Cell phones, of course, are the biggest behind the wheel distraction these days but motorists can be distracted by a bevy of things on the road. That is why USAttorneys wanted to discuss how to avoid a distracted driving accident in Broward County, Florida.

How bad is distracted driving?

There are four types of behind the wheel distractions:





Behind the wheel, distractions can include one or more of the above.

One in four fatal accidents in the U.S. is the result if distracted driving, the National Safety Council reports.

Teens and young adults don’t think texting and driving is a dangerous habit. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), 20 percent of driver 18 to 20 say texting doesn’t affect their driving abilities.

An NHTSA study found that percentage of drivers texting while driving or looking at a hand-held device increased to 2.2 percent in 2014 from 1.7 percent in 2013.

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Cell phones are one of the leading distractions for motorists.

Smartphones are convenient, but they are also a large contributor to distracted driving. But behind the wheel distractions can involve on-board entertainment systems, billboards, and talking to passengers. Distracted driving kills. Below, USAttorneys will share some tips for avoiding a Florida distracted driving accident:

Put your cell phone away. If you can reach your cell, there’s a good chance you’ll be tempted to look at it when an alert goes off. Just put it out of your reach if the wheels of your auto are moving.

Don’t eat and drive. We live in a busy world, so eating and driving are common, but it’s a task that involves manual and visual distraction.

All auto occupants including children, passengers and pets should be secured a vehicle is in motion.

GPS systems should be programmed before departing.

Avoid grooming or putting on makeup while driving.

Program GPS devices and adjust seats, mirrors, and steering wheel before embarking on your trip.

Ask passengers to keep from being a distraction.

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Victims of distracted driving crashes should speak with an accident lawyer in Broward, Florida to see if they are eligible for compensation.

Speak to a Florida attorney

Even though most people know that distracted driving is negligent and dangerous, motorists do it anyway, and terrible crashes result. If you have been in a distracted driving accident, USAttorneys recommends you speak with an accident lawyer in Broward, Florida. Our top-notch legal team will work hard to ensure you recover a generous settlement for your pain and anguish. Call today and set up a consultation today and learn what you need to do next to get the compensation you deserve.

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