Nearly all insurance policies will have a tort option. The tort option found in one’s insurance papers will tell a person whether they can pursue litigation depending on their current circumstances. If the paperwork mentions a person has full tort that means they can pursue litigation no matter how small or serious their injuries were.  However, if they only have limited tort, they can only seek compensation for medical bills and not for the pain and suffering or other intangible damage they suffered due to the accident. However, there are always exceptions to the rules.  A person should get in touch with an accident lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA to determine whether they are eligible to claim for more damages or if they are only limited to claiming for their medical bills after an accident.

In some cases, a person may still be entitled to claim more damages even if their insurance policy states they have limited tort. If they were hit by a drunk driver, if they were riding in a commercial vehicle, if the driver was a relative and they had full tort on their policy, and if a person was a pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle, they may be eligible to claim damages for pain and suffering despite what their insurance policy states. It is always a good idea to call an attorney and get a professional opinion before making an insurance claim or trying to take legal action on one’s own.

A person may also be able to overlook their insurance companies’ tort policy if there was a death involved in the accident or if the injuries resulted in the serious disfigurement of a person.

What paperwork do I need to take care of after an accident?

An attorney who specializes in dealing with car accident cases can best guide a person on the legal documentation required after an accident. In most cases, a person will be required to collect the following:

  • an accident report through the police
  • a property damage valuation from the insurance company
  • medical receipts and notes from the healthcare provider who tended to their injuries
  • a list of expenses incurred due to the accident
  • work letters and statements proving they were unable to make it work due to their injuries

If a person does not collect the necessary paperwork, they can end up losing out considerably on the total amount of compensation they were entitled to. Before a person gets in touch with their insurance company to report the accident and request a quote, they should call a lawyer first.

The insurer can easily make a person believe they deserve less compensation and it is common for insured individuals to walk away with much less than what they actually deserve when they do not have a legal representative to aid them in their correspondence and in the collecting of evidence. Insurance policies and accident laws can be complicated and vary from state to state. An attorney has the legal education and the practical experience to help a person navigate through their case and walk away with the highest amount of compensation possible.