Slippery Los Angeles Roads Cause 16-Car Pileup

Heavy Traffic on Wet RoadsLos Angeles, CA- A tropical weather system that hit Los Angeles and surrounding areas with substantial rainfall made for very slippery roads Thursday and Friday causing hundreds of accidents including a 16 car pileup on 101 Freeway.

California Highway Patrol responded to 342 accidents, some fatal, in a nine and half hour period beginning Thursday night at midnight, The Huffington Post reported. A chain-reaction collision just outside Hollywood shut the freeway down for approximately 2 ½ hours.

Local station KTLA reported on a chain reaction accident at 12:20 a.m. that kept area tow truck drivers busy ended with a 16 car pileup. The first collision, a single-vehicle accident triggered five subsequent collision leaving eight people injured, including an infant, a pedestrian, and a man who is in critical condition.

CHP Sgt. Richard Matthews told KTLA, “One of the traffic collisions, one of the passengers got out and that person was subsequently struck by one of the other vehicles. So we have six traffic collisions that were all in a short period of time. There were approximately 16 vehicles and that one pedestrian.”

CHP says no will be cited for the multiple crashes and do not suspect alcohol was involved.

That was the only serious accident the California Highway Patrol had to deal with a woman traveling eastbound on Hwy 10 became trapped underneath a semi-truck

The woman driving a small sedan slammed into the rear of a semi-truck around 5:40 a.m. and became trapped underneath, according to the Los Angeles Times. It took first-responders nearly an hour to free the trapped woman.

Other early morning accidents included an overturned truck on eastbound Hwy 10 and another collision on the 101 Freeway, both tied up the morning commute for at least an hour.

“The roads are a little wet, so people need to slow down a little bit.” CHP officer Ed Jacobs told the LA Times.

Winter weather and icy roads contributed to several accidents in Nebraska last one of which was fatal.

Speed combined with slick roads make for dangerous conditions in any setting, but in a crowded urban setting it can have a major impact as the 16 car pileup demonstrates.

Although police may not charge any of the drivers they won’t be excused from any liabilities when injuries or property damage has resulted from their actions, or lack of action.


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