Tufts University Student Hospitalized After Pedestrian-Car Accident, Was There a Previous Safety Concern?

Boston, MA- A 21 year-old Tufts University student is in critical condition after being hit by a car at the intersection of Powder House Blvd. and Packard Ave. last Thursday night, raising the question if there were previous safety concerns about the intersection.

The accident happened shortly after 8 p.m. last Thursday when the Tufts student was crossing the road and was struck by an oncoming SUV. The student’s injuries were serious and they are still listed in critical condition, according to The Patch.

The driver of the car stopped and cooperated with police, but has not been charged. Police are trying to find another pedestrian and vehicle driver who may have witnessed the accident so they can conclude their investigation.

Tufts University officials have expressed concern about the safety of the intersection in the past. It has been the scene of prior pedestrian accidents and they have met with Somerville city officials to combat the problem. To increase the safety of the intersection, the city added stop signs for approaching traffic on Packard Ave. and increased the pedestrian crosswalk signage.

Pedestrian accidents are steadily increasing and the victims incur serious injuries that require extensive hospitalization and long recovery periods. Before the injured can fully heal, they begin to accumulate medical bills while they struggle to meet their everyday expenses.

It isn’t fair for the accident victim to be burdened with bills that are not fault of their own. Should the victims decide they want to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver, they will need the representation of accomplished accident attorney, who will work to get them a favorable settlement.

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