Westchester Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Minivan, What Can His Family Do?

Minivan Plunges Down Embankment in Westchester Accident Westchester Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Minivan, What Can His Family Do?Westchester County, NY- The holiday season will never be the same for a Westchester County family who lost one of their own this month in a tragic traffic accident in Hastings-on-Hudson, but his family can get justice

On December 1st as 34 year-old Mario Mora was raking leaves outside a catering hall on Warburton Ave. where he works when he was struck by a minivan just after rush hour.

While winding around a curve, the minivan driver struck Mora and then punched a hole through a fence plunging 80 ft. down an embankment nearly missing the North Metro train tracks below, according to ABC News 7.  

The minivan became entangled in shrubs and trees which prevented it from landing on the tracks as a commuter train was ferrying passengers during rush hour.

The driver of the minivan only sustained minor injuries.

“Believe it or not after 80 foot drop of the ravine, he (the driver) was able to walk out on his own power,” said Thomas Fitzgerald Assistant Chief of the Yonkers Fire Department said.

Police are unsure if the accident was caused by speed, exhaustion or distraction and have not ruled out drugs or alcohol. They added that this area of the roadway is not known to be particularly dangerous, but said the driver is cooperating with their investigation.

Mora’s girlfriend and step-daughter showed up to the scene, but didn’t have much to say to reporters. Co-workers describe Mora as hard-working.

“He’s a good friend. He’s worked here for a long-time, 16 years,” one coworker told ABC 7.

Friends told the news agency that Mora’s girlfriend is pregnant.

Recent studies from the NHTSA have shown that 2011 was a dangerous year for pedestrians as fatal accidents increased significantly over previous years.  

When a tragedy like this strikes, people are so consumed with their grief that practical matters seem insignificant. But the families of fatal accident victims will soon have to grapple with funeral expenses, emergency care bills and the expenses of everyday life.

Often times accident victims leave behind families that relied on their support to survive and without the extra income they could find themselves in a financial bind. Paying the bills and covering accident-related costs can be nearly impossible on one income.

However the family of those killed in a traffic collision need to know that they aren’t alone and an attorney can help them get the compensation they need to cover all of their expenses.

If the deceased’s family feels like a lawsuit is their best course of action, they are advised to contact a Westchester accident attorney immediately. Once a legal expert is retained they can begin gathering evidence and speaking with witnesses while the events are fresh in their minds. This will assure that an attorney is able to establish fault and begin pursuing a wrongful death suit.

Building a strong case is essential to maximizing the settlement a family will receive. Whether they decide to pursue a court case or simply want to negotiate for the best settlement from the driver’s insurance company, they will need an accomplished attorney fighting on their behalf.


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