Actor Tom Hanks confirms that he has coronavirus

The well known American actor confirmed that he and his wife both contracted coronavirus while in Australia. They are undergoing an isolation and treatment protocol, and working with medical authorities to notify anyone that they may have been in contact with over the last several days. 

Hanks and his wife are both 63 years old. They are being kept at Gold Coast University Hospital, and they appear to be in stable condition according to the medical professionals that have treated them in Queensland. 

A social media message that Hanks left to fans on Wednesday confirmed that he initially felt sick and wanted to ensure that he did the right thing to prevent further spread of the disease. He is the first well known actor to contract the virus, even though it has already infected about 125,000 around the globe and killed a few thousand. He posted on his Instagram account and said that he and his wife had felt some body aches, cold symptoms, and fatigue. Later, the actor said that he will remain isolated and follow whatever other medical protocols are recommended.  

The couple was in Australia for a few different reasons related to their careers. His wife, Rita, is a musician who was performing at gigs in Brisbane to promote her latest album. Hanks was involved in the pre-production steps of a film about Elvis Presley’s life. The staff for the Opera house where Rita performed was in the process of contacting about 200 people who may have been near the couple while they were present on Saturday night. The building staff claims that the entire structure received a hospital grade cleaning afterward her performance. Many businesses around the globe are already attempting to cancel events with large crowds to limit their liability and other problems tied to illness or death caused by coronavirus. 

The Elvis Presley film, where Hanks was cast as the legendary rock star’s manager, has suspended production for the foreseeable future. Everyone involved with the film is being tested as a precaution. Warner Brothers, who owns the rights to the film, said that they would be working with Australian authorities to follow any relevant procedures to prevent further cases.  

The couple’s son Chet made his own social media posts after their announcement. He said that both of his parents do not really seem to be very sick at all, but they are trying to do what is right by being as cautious as possible. He said that he appreciates everyone’s concern and predicts that they should be back to normal as soon as they are cleared by medical staff to resume regular activities. 

Australia has only had about 140 coronavirus cases and a few related deaths so far. It is still unknown exactly how the Hanks couple contracted the virus. Because they visited Australia’s largest metro area, it is possible that they could have come into contact with many other people before the exhibited any symptoms. 

The actor’s strong legacy

Tom Hanks has won multiple Oscars over the course of his career and starred in some of the most well known films of the last several decades such as Saving Private Ryan, Big, and Forrest Gump. 

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