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Cash advances are one of the most advantageous tools to quickly get the money you deserve. That is why it has gotten so popular over the recent years and why an increasing number of potential customers are interested in taking advantage of this resource. However, finding a good lender who accepts your proposal and is able to satisfy our request might be a difficult task. That is why services have arisen to help create a network of trusted communication between lenders and borrowers.

How Does AdvanceSOS Work?

AdvanceSOS is an online platform that offers same day cash advances online up to $5000 with easy approval from direct lenders. You can apply for a loan using their fast and secure application form, and get instant decision, receive funds withwin 24 hours. Thanks to the expertise of its founder and CEO, Nick Wilson, and of the professional and experienced team working with him, AdvanceSOS has a growing roster of satisfied customers who enjoy this free, trustworthy, completely digitized service. The story of our company began in 2019 when loan officer expert Nick Wilson had the idea of creating a platform able to connect reputable lenders with potential borrowers in a safe and convenient environment. Throughout the years, thanks to the hard work of our team, we can say that we have reached our founder’s goal, but our journey doesn’t surely end here: we are eager to improve, receive feedback from our customers, and commit ourselves to provide the best payday loan service possible.

Our Team

What makes such service work is a group of experts and professionals in the finance and business sector. The core team at AdvanceSOS is made of six dedicated individuals coming from different backgrounds and lifestyles. All of them put their competence at work for the success of our customers who place their trust in us.

Nick Wilson, the company’s founder and CEO, is an experienced loan officer. Intending to create the optimal network of borrowers and credible lenders, he gathered the best professionals in the industry to contribute to his project. His passion for the finance sector has led him to dedicate his life to helping those who are interested in getting the most out of their money, sharing his best advice on social media and our blog.

Every CEO needs a right-hand man. Ajalen Holley has been by Nick’s side since the very beginning and helped him shape what AdvanceSOS is now. He is the company’s business partner and makes the platform better by fostering its network and financial connections.

Julie Collins is AdvanceSOS head of business development. Her main objectives are to improve the company’s market position and increase revenue, thanks to her mastery in business management and her analytical skills.

AdvanceSOS succeeds when our clients do. Dikshita Mehta, our head of customer support, is tasked with ensuring this. The support staff, directed by her, puts the customer at the heart of the company’s actions. Thanks to Dikshita and her excellent communication skills, customer support is always ready to help all clients whenever they require assistance.

Jake Walker is the expert in charge of all the content we at AdvanceSOS produce. Content is important to convey key information and engage with our customers, and Jake is the one coordinating the staff in charge of making instructional videos and posts for the website.

Last but not least, speaking of content, Amanda Girard is our main writer who provides customers with well-researched, interesting, and educational content. Financial information and concepts are not always easy to comprehend. Still, Amanda does an excellent job writing down all her articles on these topics in an easy-to-read way so that everyone can enjoy them.

Interested in joining a varied team of passionate and dedicated workers? Join us, we are hiring! Our team is looking for a social media enthusiast for a social media manager position willing to relocate to our headquarters in Miami, Oklahoma. If that sounds good to you, please find our contact information below.

Our Services

Now that you know a bit more about us, you may wonder what exactly we offer our clients. Ours is a team of experts in the loan and business sectors, who have created for you a networking system to help potential borrowers find the perfect lender for them.

All the lenders we can get you into contact with are reputable partners of ours, with whom we created a business relationship throughout the years based on trust and efficiency. We make sure they all follow the strict federal and state regulations and that they are properly licensed. In short, we made the process of applying for a loan in the US simple, safe, and effective, to help borrowers save their time and get quickly the money they need.

All they have to do is visit our website at and fill out a form. Our team will then connect the potential borrower to the best lender in our network. The service is free and accessible completely from remote, meaning that you can apply for a loan anytime and anywhere you are, from whatever device you prefer.

Apart from our main cash advance loan service, we also put our expertise at your service by providing useful, concise, and informative blog posts on everything payday loans, budgeting apps, bank accounts, insurance, and much more.

You can access them directly from our website. Moreover, founder and CEO Nick Wilson is particularly active and shares his knowledge on various related topics on the company’s official YouTube channel. Finally, our team works every day to provide you with all the info and professional advice you request. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

Your Advantages

Our team has been working in the finance field for years, even before running AdvanceSOS in 2019. Thanks to our experience, we are able to identify both the flaws and the strong points in already existing payday loan services, solve the former and capitalize on the latter. In this way, we are proud to provide our clients with a quick, effective, completely safe system that perfectly matches the borrowers’ needs with the lenders’ interests. This is what distinguishes us from other US loan services.


Our company is based in Miami, OK 812 E Central Ave. If you seek professional advice from our experts on financial topics and loans, want to apply to our service, or have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through [email protected] or call +1 (918) 544-52-99. We are delighted to help you the best we can!

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