One of the reasons why bus crash victims are encouraged to hire a Louisville, KY bus accident lawyer after sustaining an injury in a traumatic accident is because these incidents tend to have long-term effects on those involved. A prime example is a bus crash that occurred back in 1973. The bus was involved in a head-on collision with a bulk feed truck on State Highway 808 near Obion Church. Linda Stairs, who was a victim of this accident, says that although it’s been 45 years, her life is still negatively impacted as she struggles with lingering health issues [Source: WPSD].
Stairs spoke with the news source recently and recalled some of what she remembered from the accident. She said the bus was not equipped with seat belts and that she remembers “being taken sideways, and everything was going side to side” at the time of the crash. She said, “all of a sudden, I blacked out.” Stairs said a student woke her up and they went out the back door. She recalls seeing the bus driver slumped over the steering wheel passed out. Although the accident didn’t result in any fatalities, it has caused Stairs and a few other victims to suffer from various health conditions.
Stairs stated that she suffered several fractures to her jaw and was swollen from her mouth all the way down to her chest. Because of the accident, Stairs says her gums are receding and that she suffers from temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJ, which is a condition that causes pain in the joints in the jaw. Aside from dealing with TMJ, Stairs said she also suffers from massive headaches and fibromyalgia. She said that she and her husband haven’t been able to take a vacation in years simply because they cannot afford to. She says the uncertainties with her health prohibit them from spending the money to take a trip.

NTSB Recommends New Buses Be Equipped with Lap and Shoulder Seat Belts

Another victim of the crash, Lynn Jones, who is also a friend of Stairs, says she suffered injuries around her mouth too. And it wasn’t until the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) began recommending that all new school buses be equipped with lap and shoulder seat belts that prompted the two to share their stories. Stairs and Jones believe that had their school bus been equipped with the proper safety belts, they would have avoided sustaining the injuries they did.
Although the NTSB is only recommending that certain states equip their buses with seat belts, perhaps these stories will help encourage other school districts in states all across the U.S. to plan accordingly and begin making the effort to purchase new and safer school buses.
Victims of a bus crash often fail to take into account the pain and suffering they will experience in the future which is why you should always hire a Louisville bus accident lawyer following an accident who can help you recover compensation for this.
However, if you are the victim of a bus accident in Kentucky, whether it involved a school bus or city bus, you are encouraged to come forward and seek legal assistance from a qualified bus crash attorney. The fact is, our lawyers specialize in bus injury law and can assess your accident case and determine how much you are entitled to for your pain and suffering now as well as for the future.
If you would like to be connected with a local bus accident attorney in Louisville, KY today, contact now.

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