After a Pennsylvania Nursing Home Became a COVID-19 Hotspot, Health Officials Intervened

A nursing home in Beaver, PA, a city located just under 40 minutes away from Pittsburgh has made news headlines for several weeks after it became a hotspot for the COVID-19 virus. KDKA says that after Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center saw a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, state health officials and family members grew rather concerned. Eventually, those concerns led the Pennsylvania Department of Health to inspect the facility.

At the conclusion of the inspection, officials discovered that employees were not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Employees were also accused of failing to disinfect items and restock the bathrooms with soap and paper towels. Inspectors also cited in their reports that the facility “failed to maintain infection prevention and control, which placed residents in nine of the eleven units in “immediate jeopardy.”

The home was said to have had 332 positive resident cases, 108 staff cases, and 80-virus-related deaths. In mid-June, the home reported that it did not have any active cases at the time.


Family Members Speak Out


After the inspection report was made available to the families of the residents living at Brighton, one woman decided to share her thoughts on the matter with the news source. Judith Marie, the daughter of a resident, told the source, “People died because of their negligence, they had no plan.” Marie’s mother was one of the individuals who contracted the COVID-19 virus while living at the facility but was recovering at the time of the news reporting. Marie told the source that she wasn’t surprised to hear some of the deficiencies inspectors had found.

The daughter of the Brighton resident also told the source that she even had a photo of an aide wearing a mask on top of her head rather than covering her mouth and nose as it should be to help curb the spread of the virus.

Although the number of COVID-19 cases at Brighton came as rather shocking news, it appears many weren’t surprised to learn that an outbreak had occurred at that particular nursing home. In fact, Commissioner Daniel Camp said, “I think this is something we knew was forthcoming. We knew there were a lot of issues coming out of Brighton Rehab and that’s why they had such a large outbreak.” To make matters worse for residents at the facility, the inspection didn’t come until May 1st, which was weeks after lawmakers called for the state health department to step in.


Can I sue a Pittsburgh, PA nursing home if my loved one was neglected or mistreated?


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