School bus drivers carry a load on responsibility on their shoulders each and every time they get behind the wheel of a bus. Not only are they expected to operate the vehicle safely and exercise caution to ensure your child gets to where they need to go in one piece, but they also have the duty to ensure your child arrives at the right destination with an adult there waiting to pick them up. Unfortunately, oversights and errors do occur, and one recently did in Tampa, FL that left a mother frustrated and demanding answers.
According to ABC 13, it was the first day of school for Chenell Worlds’ 6-year-old daughter. Her child was attending Lee Magnet Elementary School and was scheduled to take the school bus home. But, when Worlds’ daughter didn’t arrive, she became worried. Turns out, there was an address mix-up and Worlds’ daughter was dropped off at the wrong location. Instead of being dropped off at her assigned destination, she was dropped off in Tampa, nearly 20 miles from her home.
After the 6-year-old was dropped off, left wandering about in a city she was not familiar with, two teenage girls spotted her and asked her if she lived there. When the child finally told them that she didn’t, they called their mother for help. The child was reunited with her mother, but she says it is unacceptable that her daughter was left at the wrong place.  Then, the following day, the mother told the news source that another mistake had occurred. This time, Worlds’ daughter was boarded onto the wrong bus. Thankfully, this time, the error was identified by the bus driver who alerted the transportation department.
While anyone can understand how upset and concerned this parent likely was after having to deal with a mix-up not one but two days, the school district stated that they were working to address the situation and “understand the mom’s frustration.”

Car Rear-Ends FL School Bus Transporting Eight Students

In other school bus news, Action News Jax reported that a school bus had been involved in a wreck on August 17thon CR 220 near College Drive and Doctors Lake. The bus had been on its way to St. Johns Country Day School located just off Doctors Road and was transporting eight students at the time of the crash. Apparently, the driver of a Hyundai Sonata rear-ended the school bus when it stopped at railroad tracks, says the source.
Thankfully, none of the students sustained injuries, however, the driver of the Hyundai suffered minor injuries and was transported to Orange Park Medical Center.
If your child sustained an injury in any type of incident involving a school bus, it is best that you meet with a bus accident lawyer who can help you make sense of the matter and determine if you should take any form of legal action.
When a parent allows their child to ride the school bus, they are essentially placing their trust in the school bus driver to transport their child to and from their destination in a safe manner. But, because bus drivers cannot account for other motorists’ behavior nor can they help when the school makes a mistake, incidents happen that result in a child getting lost or even worse, injured.
And if your child was recently involved in a bus accident in Tampa or they sustained an injury while getting on or off a bus, don’t wait to contact a bus accident lawyer in Tampa, FL. The attorneys we can place you in touch with can help you hold all liable parties accountable for the physical and/or psychological injuries your child has suffered from while also fighting for the compensation your family deserves.

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